Allplan Connect help text

Save your online data from Allplan Exchange.

Would you like a locally Data Backup of the current plan files from Allplan Exchange online?

Check if you have the right project access rights "manage" or "distributed".

Now you can do 2 things to ensure your data:

A) On the one hand you can create a plandistributionlist as a PDF or EXEL File, so that you have an overview of the progress of the plan shipment for this project.

B) And you can download online with a few clicks, the current plan data itself.

Please login in both cases in Allplan Exchange at:

A) Create plandistribution list:

1) Select  Project
2) Select the section "All documents"
3) Make your selection of Options 
4) create File as PDF or EXCEL

B) Save current plan files: 

1) Select Project
2) Select the section "All documents"
3) set the hook in the table header, so everything is highlighted
4) Save the Plan files als ZIP uses cookies. More information Accept