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You don’t have a user name or password yet?

The first thing to do is to log on to the registration page registration page

The important thing is to write in the E-mail address correctly, because we shall be sending an E-mail with a confirmation link to exactly that address. You must click on the confirmation link within 24 hours, since after that it will no longer be valid.

The user name and E-mail address chosen must be unique; in other words, no other user has registered with this E-mail address. It may be, for example, that one of your colleagues has already used something like "info @".

Common user names like "Joe", "Jones" or "JSmith" can also lead to a new registration being rejected because the user name is already being used. .

You can enter your customer number as soon as you register.

Note: If you do not receive the E-mail with the confirmation link (due to a typing error in the E-mail address, for example, or if our E-mail gets stuck in the Spam filter), and you do not click on the link, then it will be impossible to log in. It will then only be possible to re-register, for example with a correct E-mail address, after 24 hours, because the user name will be flagged up as “reserved” for that period of time.

Pro prihlášení mužete také použít existující e-mailovou adresu a heslo úctu Allplan Bimplus

Only correct customer numbers can be entered in the “Customer Number” input field.  

Customers from Germany or a country not listed below

Correct customer numbers in Germany begin with "C300", followed by a 6-digit number. The system also accepts old customer numbers using the pattern: "1234567a" or "60123456".

Customers from France

Correct customer numbers in France begin with "C410", followed by a 6-digit number. The system also accepts old customer numbers using the pattern: "1234567a" or "40123456" or "FA-123-123".

Customers from Italy

Correct customer numbers in Italy begin with "C430", followed by a 6-digit number. The system also accepts old customer numbers using the pattern: "1234567a" or "40123456" or "IA-123-123".

Customers from Austria

Correct customer numbers in Austria begin with "C420", followed by a 6-digit number. The system also accepts old customer numbers using the pattern: "1234567a" or "50123456" or "AA-123-123".

Customers from Switzerland

Correct customer numbers in Switzerland begin with "C400", followed by a 6-digit number. The system also accepts old customer numbers using the pattern: "1234567a" or "40123456" or "SA-123-123".

Customers from the Slovak Republic

Correct customer numbers in the Slovak Republic begin with "C660", followed by a 6-digit number. The system also accepts old customer numbers using the pattern: "1234567a" or "66123456" or „C610“, followed by a 6-digit number.

Customers from the Czech Republic

Correct customer numbers in the Czech Republic begin with "C610", followed by a 6-digit number. The system also accepts old customer numbers using the pattern: "1234567a" or "65123456".

Note: Only valid customer numbers are saved. If the “Customer number” field is still empty after saving, this means that the number you entered is not valid.

As a member of the Allplan community, you can benefit from the experience of Allplan users around the world. To join the dsicussion you have to be logged in.

Welcome to the Allplan Connect Forum

Welcome to the User Area of the Allplan Connect Forums. The use of this area is based on a fixed set of rules, and we would therefore like to draw your attention to a few important points with regard to the use of the User Forum.

The Allplan Connect Label

This label describes the rules for producing a thread (posting, contribution), and also a few rules about social interaction within the Allplan Connect Forum.

Forum Rules

1. There are already answers to many questions in the Forum or in our FAQs. The first recommendation is to search through the FAQ databank and the Forum in order to find an answer rapidly to the questions raised.
2. There are a number of different categories in the Forum. Before embarking on a topic, consideration needs to be given to placing it in the most appropriate category. Topics which end up in the wrong categories run the risk of not being noticed.
3.The title of a thread submitted should be short and to the point, and above all should accurately describe the content. Titles such as “Beginner seeks help” or “Problem” are not very helpful.
4. Additions such as “HELP! URGENT!“ etc. are superfluous (and tend to detract from the motivation).
5. It is recommended that questions be formulated in most specific and clear manner possible, so that the answer can be short and to the point as well. Examples such as “XY isn’t working. What might the reason be?” are likewise not a very good idea. It is helpful to indicate the Allplan Version and the extensions being used, with the version if appropriate.
6. Punctuation marks and upper and lower case letters make reading easier. More than one question mark or exclamation mark per sentence, however, are really unnecessary.
7. If the question has been answered, the Resolved Tick also needs to be inserted. This means that it is no longer necessary for anyone to scratch their heads to find a solution.
8. Be patient. If you don’t get an answer to your question within a day, you shouldn’t keep repeating the question in the Forum. A better idea is to wait a few days to see if an answer comes up.
9. It is usual practice to quote the article to which you are making reference in your reply. There are two points to bear in mind in this context:

a. Not too much: In order to avoid producing unnecessarily long articles, you should only quote the passages which you really are concerned about.

b. Not too little: By skilful editing of parts of a text, you can twist a quotation in such a way that it no longer reflects the opinion of the person being quoted. This is to be avoided.

10. Adopting a friendly tone and providing clearly detailed descriptions increase the chances of obtaining helpful responses. Nothing should be written which might be injurious or offensive to the other party in the communication. As soon as a question has been answered, you will not be able to delete it. Deleting contributions can only be carried out by the Forum moderators, in exceptional cases and with good reason.
11. On the Internet, and in forums, the very unrestrained way of talking often results in a familiar form of address which is not necessarily to everyone’s taste. As a general rule of thumb, this might be helpful: If a posting has been signed with a first name, then the person concerned will not mind a familiar form of address; otherwise, we would ask you to adopt a more formal approach.
12. In normal conversation, tone of voice and gestures provide a lot of information which gets lost when a text can only be read. This is why, on the Net, a comment which is meant to be ironic or sarcastic could be taken seriously. Make sure that this cannot happen. As an indicator to the reader, use can be made of what are called “Emoticons“ or“Smiley faces”.
13. Insults, swearing, harassment, general bad-mouthing and personal attacks are strictly forbidden. Any such contributions will be deleted, and may lead to the blocking of the Forum Account.
14. E-mails should not be quoted on the Forum without the permission of the author. The author would already have posted the information received had he wished to do so, but there may be good reasons why he only made it available to you personally.
15. Contributions should not contain any data which reveals the identity of third parties (name, E-mail address, telephone numbers, etc.).
16. Any contributions which constitute contraventions of the law will be deleted from the Forum. The Net is not a space outside the law. You are fully responsible for the content of your contributions, legally and in every other respect.
17. The author himself is responsible for his contributions. With regard to reading messages on the Net, this means that Allplan Deutschland GmbH will check on whether the opinions you voice are meant seriously or are sensible, but will not act in any editorial capacity.
18. The subsequent amendment or deletion of contributions is not desirable. As soon as another reply has been provided for the contribution, the previous one can no longer be altered.
19. The Allplan Connect Forum is not an advertising or publicity platform. Any publicity for products or services is therefore to be refrained from.

In order to be able to download CAD objects, you must be registered.

A high proportion of the Content elements are intended only for customers with Serviceplus contracts.

If you, as a customer without a Serviceplus contract, convert your account (by way of your customer number and an Admin Key) into a Customer Account, you will obtain more extensive access rights to Content Elements than those who are simply users.

There are a few downloads which are only suitable for special language versions of Allplan, and that means they are only accessible to customers from the particular country involved.


Please check the following points:
Is the spelling of the search term correct or does it differ from the source?
What about the names of the items you are looking for? Have synonyms been used? For example, TV for television, people for persons, or materials for textures.
Does the sequence of the search terms match that in reality?
Have you entered the search term in the language that is currently set in Allplan Connect?
Are you a Serviceplus customer? Are you trying to find items that are reserved for Serviceplus customers? 
Are you a Serviceplus customer? Have you entered your customer number in your user profile? Otherwise, you cannot find items that are reserved for Serviceplus customers.

Some points to bear in mind:
Use only one search term at any one time, if possible.
Keep search terms as simple as possible.
Try synonyms.
Select the "available" option (you need to be logged in) to restrict the search to items that are actually available to you.
Clear the "available" option (you need to be logged in) to expand the search to all items.
As a Serviceplus customer, make sure that you have filled out your user profile completely. In particular, please check that you have entered your customer number!

You want to enter your admin key, invite colleagues to your Allplan Connect company network or get connected to your comapny admin? Please login to access your compay connection page.

The use of the Service portal is free of charge for all users.

The scope of the offer is dependent on the customer status of the user, however. More information about this is available in the following article:

User rights  in Allplan Connect

1. Uživatelská práva NE-registrovaného uživatele:

Přístup na stránky z

  • Hlavní navigace
  • Volný přístup (pouze ke čtení)
  • 10 % obsahu FAQ

2.   Rozšířený přístup pro registrovaného uživatele BEZ zákaznického čísla:

  • 5 % Obsahu
  • 20% E-Learningu
  • 50% Dokumentace
  • 70% Fóra, čtení a zápis
  • Poslední Hotfix

3.   Rozšířený přístup pro registrované uživatele SE zadaným zákaznickým číslem:

  • 30 % veškerého obsahu
  • 40 % veškerého E-Learningu
  • 80% položek ke stažení ze Support, včetně Hotfixes a instalačních balíčků
  • Přístup k PM (personal messages), čtení a konverzeca v PM

4.   Rozšířený přístup pro registrovaného uživatele SE zadaným zákaznickým číslem který je SP zákazník:

  • 80% veškerého Fóra, čtení a zápis
  • 95% veškerého obsahu, E-Learningu, FAQ
  • PM (personal messages), odesílání a příjem
  • Více ke stažení (např. jako Service Release, Interní verze)
  • Moje podpora (přístup k dotazům na technickou podporu, čtení, zápis)
  • Chat
  • Zobrazení veřejného profilu všech uživatelů fóra

5.   Additional rights if registered WITH confirmed KD Number of a new license purchase

  • First 30 days after purchase of new license purches - user rights are identic with #4
  • After 30 days after purchase of new license purches - user falls into group #3

6.   Additional rights if registered as Beta tester

  • Access to the "Beta tester" Forum
  • More FAQs during a Beta test phase
  • More downloads (e.g. versions not yet released)

7.   Additional rights if registered as Admin of a company:

  • Access to the page with software licenses
  • Ability to invite new personnel
  • Ability to give clearance to other users from the same company (or identical KD number) 
  • Administration of own company network
  • Ability to assign Admin rights to other members of the company network, or, if necessary withdraw them
  • Complete insight into the profile data of members of one’s own company network

8. There are also additional rights if registered as  Personnel of Allplan or a  Partner company, as Webmaster, Moderator for the Forum etc.

Are you logging in and the language chances or your web palette language setting is not the desired?

Here is your guide how to change the default laguage:

  • go to myProfile
  • edit section "More Settings"
  • Chose your preferred language in the country dropdown
  • save the setting change

The next time you are login in allplan Connect, Allplan Campus or use the web palette you will automatically be forwarded to the desired language.