Allplan Bimplus - The ultimate Open BIM platform for all disciplines

Allplan Bimplus is the ultimate open BIM platform for all disciplines to collaborate efficiently in building projects. BIM model data, information, documents, and tasks are managed centrally over the complete building life cycle. Be empowered by:

  • Real-time access to projects with any device
  • Specialized applications for the building industry
  • Open interfaces

New account

To use Allplan Bimplus free of charge, you need an Allplan account. You do not need to be an Allplan customer to do this.

Please register using the "Register now" button. After entering your data, you will receive an e-mail in which you confirm your registration request by clicking a link. The registration process is now finished and you can start immediately!

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Existing account

Proceed with an existing Allplan Account

Please note that the access data for Allplan Connect, Allplan Campus and Allplan Bimplus are identical. If you already have registered for one of these services, you do not need to create a new Allplan account. You can use the existing access data also for Allplan Bimplus.

The advantages of working with Allplan Bimplus

With Allplan Bimplus you manage building projects more quickly and cost-effectively, and with higher quality. All project team members can simultaneously access the current models and plans and outstanding tasks, regardless of where team members are based. Planning discrepancies can be identified and eliminated before the construction phase begins.

Open: Smooth information exchange, fast, easy and system-independent by open standards.

Transparent: Discrepancies and planning changes are immediately visible in Allplan Bimplus and can be collaboratively resolved among all those involved in the project.

Secure: Allplan Bimplus data protection meets the highest security standards.

Mobile: Access Allplan Bimplus anywhere, any time with the mobile device of your choice.

Common Data: Allplan Bimplus gives anyone involved in a collaborative planning and construction process the security to always have access to the latest information.

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