Important information concerning the license activation of Allplan!

We would like to inform you that due to technical maintenance the license activation of your Allplan software is not possible between 20th April 2019 18:00 - 22. April 2019 approx 22:00

If you require a licence of Allplan during this time please ensure your licence is activated before the 20th April 2019 18:00.

With an activated license, working with Allplan is possible without restrictions!

Thank you for your understanding!

Your ALLPLAN Technical Support Team

1. The rights on Connect for a NON-registered User:

Access to the pages of  

  • Main navigation
  • Positions vacant (reading only)
  • 10 % of the FAQs 

2.  Additional rights if registered WITHOUT KD Number:

  • 5 % Content
  • 20% E-Learning
  • 50% of the Documentation
  • 70% of the Forums, reading and writing
  • Latest Hotfix

3.  Additional rights if registered WITH confirmed KD Number:

  • Total of 30 % Content
  • Total of 40 % E-Learning
  • 80% of the downloads from Support, including Hotfixes and installation packages
  • Access to PM (personal messages), reading and replies to PM received

4.  Additional rights if registered WITH confirmed KD Number of an SP customer:

  • Total of 80% of the Forums, reading and writing
  • Total of 95% Content, E-Learning, FAQs
  • PM (personal messages), sending and receiving
  • More downloads (e.g. also Service Release "Interim" Versions)
  • MySupport (access to Support Calls, reading, writing)
  • Chat
  • View of public profile data of all Forum participants

5.   Additional rights if registered WITH confirmed KD Number of a new license purchase

  • First 100 days after purchase of new license purches - user rights are identic with #4
  • After 100 days after purchase of new license purches - user falls into group #3

6.  Additional rights if registered as Beta tester

  • Access to the "Beta tester" Forum
  • More FAQs during a Beta test phase
  • More downloads (e.g. versions not yet released)

7.  Additional rights if registered as Admin of a company:

  • Access to the page with software licenses
  • Ability to invite new personnel
  • Ability to give clearance to other users from the same company (or identical KD number) 
  • Administration of own company network
  • Ability to assign Admin rights to other members of the company network, or, if necessary withdraw them
  • Complete insight into the profile data of members of one’s own company network

8. There are also additional rights if registered as Personnel of Allplan or a Partner company, as Webmaster, Moderator for the Forum etc.

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