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Soyez particulièrement attentif à entrer une adresse électronique correcte, car un e-mail contenant un lien de confirmation sera envoyé à cette adresse. Vous devez cliquer sur ce lien de confirmation au cours des prochaines 24 heures, après quoi ce lien expire. 

Le nom d'utilisateur et l'adresse électronique sélectionnés doivent être uniques, c’est-à-dire qu’aucun autre utilisateur ne doit s’être inscrit avec la même adresse électronique. Il n’est pas possible, par exemple, d’utiliser l'adresse "" si l’un de vos collègues l’a déjà utilisée. 

De même, l'utilisation d'un nom d'utilisateur courant tel que "David", "Nicolas" ou "CMartin" peut entraîner le refus de votre inscription car ce nom d'utilisateur existe déjà.

Vous pouvez entrer votre numéro client dès l'inscription.

A noter : Si vous ne recevez pas le message contenant le lien de confirmation (en raison d'une faute de frappe dans l'adresse électronique ou parce que notre e-mail a été classé dans votre dossier des courriers indésirables) et que vous ne cliquez pas sur ce lien, vous ne pouvez pas vous connecter. Vous ne pouvez renouveler votre tentative d’inscription avec une adresse électronique correcte qu’après un délai de 24 heures, car le nom d'utilisateur est considéré comme "réservé" pendant cette période.

Vous pouvez également utiliser l'adresse email et le mot de passe d'un compte Allplan Bimplus existant pour vous connecter

Si vous vous êtes déjà inscrit mais que vous avez oublié votre mot de passe, rendez-vous sur la page :

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Seuls des numéros de client corrects peuvent être indiqués dans le champ de saisie "Numéro de client".  

Clients français

Les numéros de client corrects commencent par "C410" en France, suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres. Le système accepte également les anciens numéros de client de type "1234567a", "40123456" ou "FA-123-123".

Clients allemands ou originaires d'un pays non indiqué dans la liste suivante

Les numéros de client corrects commencent par "C300", suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres. Le système accepte également les anciens numéros de client de type "1234567a" ou "60123456". 

Clients italiens

Les numéros de client corrects commencent par "C430" en Italie, suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres. Le système accepte également les anciens numéros de client de type "1234567a", "40123456" ou "IA-123-123".

Clients autrichiens

Les numéros de client corrects commencent par "C420" en Autriche, suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres. Le système accepte également les anciens numéros de client de type "1234567a", "50123456" ou "AA-123-123".

Clients suisses

Les numéros de client corrects commencent par "C400" en Suisse, suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres. Le système accepte également les anciens numéros de client de type "1234567a", "40123456" ou "SA-123-123".

Clients slovaques

Les numéros de client corrects commencent par "C660" en République Slovaque, suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres. Le système accepte également les anciens numéros de client de type "1234567a", "66123456" ou "C610“, suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres.

Clients tchèques

Les numéros de client corrects commencent par "C610" en République Tchèque, suivi d'un nombre à six chiffres. Le système accepte également les anciens numéros de client de type "1234567a" ou "65123456".

Note: Seuls les numéros de client valides seront enregistrés. Si le champ "Numéro de client" est encore vide après l'enregistrement, cela signifie que le numéro que vous avez saisi n'est pas valide.

En tant que membre de la communauté Allplan, vous pouvez bénéficier de l'expérience des utilisateurs Allplan. Pour participer aux discussions, vous devez être connecté.

Welcome to the Allplan Connect Forum

Welcome to the User Area of the Allplan Connect Forums. The use of this area is based on a fixed set of rules, and we would therefore like to draw your attention to a few important points with regard to the use of the User Forum.

The Allplan Connect Label

This label describes the rules for producing a thread (posting, contribution), and also a few rules about social interaction within the Allplan Connect Forum.

Forum Rules

1. There are already answers to many questions in the Forum or in our FAQs. The first recommendation is to search through the FAQ databank and the Forum in order to find an answer rapidly to the questions raised.
2. There are a number of different categories in the Forum. Before embarking on a topic, consideration needs to be given to placing it in the most appropriate category. Topics which end up in the wrong categories run the risk of not being noticed.
3.The title of a thread submitted should be short and to the point, and above all should accurately describe the content. Titles such as “Beginner seeks help” or “Problem” are not very helpful.
4. Additions such as “HELP! URGENT!“ etc. are superfluous (and tend to detract from the motivation).
5. It is recommended that questions be formulated in most specific and clear manner possible, so that the answer can be short and to the point as well. Examples such as “XY isn’t working. What might the reason be?” are likewise not a very good idea. It is helpful to indicate the Allplan Version and the extensions being used, with the version if appropriate.
6. Punctuation marks and upper and lower case letters make reading easier. More than one question mark or exclamation mark per sentence, however, are really unnecessary.
7. If the question has been answered, the Resolved Tick also needs to be inserted. This means that it is no longer necessary for anyone to scratch their heads to find a solution.
8. Be patient. If you don’t get an answer to your question within a day, you shouldn’t keep repeating the question in the Forum. A better idea is to wait a few days to see if an answer comes up.
9. It is usual practice to quote the article to which you are making reference in your reply. There are two points to bear in mind in this context:

a. Not too much: In order to avoid producing unnecessarily long articles, you should only quote the passages which you really are concerned about.

b. Not too little: By skilful editing of parts of a text, you can twist a quotation in such a way that it no longer reflects the opinion of the person being quoted. This is to be avoided.

10. Adopting a friendly tone and providing clearly detailed descriptions increase the chances of obtaining helpful responses. Nothing should be written which might be injurious or offensive to the other party in the communication. As soon as a question has been answered, you will not be able to delete it. Deleting contributions can only be carried out by the Forum moderators, in exceptional cases and with good reason.
11. On the Internet, and in forums, the very unrestrained way of talking often results in a familiar form of address which is not necessarily to everyone’s taste. As a general rule of thumb, this might be helpful: If a posting has been signed with a first name, then the person concerned will not mind a familiar form of address; otherwise, we would ask you to adopt a more formal approach.
12. In normal conversation, tone of voice and gestures provide a lot of information which gets lost when a text can only be read. This is why, on the Net, a comment which is meant to be ironic or sarcastic could be taken seriously. Make sure that this cannot happen. As an indicator to the reader, use can be made of what are called “Emoticons“ or“Smiley faces”.
13. Insults, swearing, harassment, general bad-mouthing and personal attacks are strictly forbidden. Any such contributions will be deleted, and may lead to the blocking of the Forum Account.
14. E-mails should not be quoted on the Forum without the permission of the author. The author would already have posted the information received had he wished to do so, but there may be good reasons why he only made it available to you personally.
15. Contributions should not contain any data which reveals the identity of third parties (name, E-mail address, telephone numbers, etc.).
16. Any contributions which constitute contraventions of the law will be deleted from the Forum. The Net is not a space outside the law. You are fully responsible for the content of your contributions, legally and in every other respect.
17. The author himself is responsible for his contributions. With regard to reading messages on the Net, this means that Allplan Deutschland GmbH will check on whether the opinions you voice are meant seriously or are sensible, but will not act in any editorial capacity.
18. The subsequent amendment or deletion of contributions is not desirable. As soon as another reply has been provided for the contribution, the previous one can no longer be altered.
19. The Allplan Connect Forum is not an advertising or publicity platform. Any publicity for products or services is therefore to be refrained from.

Pour avoir un accès illimité au contenu, vous devez être inscrits.

Une grande partie du contenu est destiné aux clients disposant du contrat Serviceplus.

En tant que client, vous avez aussi accès au contenu, mais celui-ci est limité.

Quelques éléments de nos bibliothèques ne sont accessibles qu'à certain pays.

Please check the following points:

Is the spelling of the search term correct or does it differ from the source?
What about the names of the items you are looking for? Have synonyms been used? For example, TV for television, people for persons, or materials for textures.
Does the sequence of the search terms match that in reality?
Have you entered the search term in the language that is currently set in Allplan Connect?
Are you a Serviceplus customer? Are you trying to find items that are reserved for Serviceplus customers? 
Are you a Serviceplus customer? Have you entered your customer number in your user profile? Otherwise, you cannot find items that are reserved for Serviceplus customers.

Some points to bear in mind:
Use only one search term at any one time, if possible.
Keep search terms as simple as possible.
Try synonyms.
Select the "available" option (you need to be logged in) to restrict the search to items that are actually available to you.
Clear the "available" option (you need to be logged in) to expand the search to all items.
As a Serviceplus customer, make sure that you have filled out your user profile completely. In particular, please check that you have entered your customer number!

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