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Real time scanner blocks Allplan data

Version:  Allplan 2022, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2015, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2017  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 14:01


Allplan does not react promptly or seems to hang after I have selected the "Open on a Project-Specific Basis" or "New Project, Open Project" tool.

One of the following virus scanners is running: Trendmicro, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avira, F-Prot and others.
What can I do to solve this problem?


Check whether updating the software of the virus scanner solves the problem.

If it doesn't, configure the real time scanner of the virus scanner so that it no longer scans the program folder and data folder of Allplan.

Start the Services application. Make a note of the following paths displayed in the Services application window:

Program folder
General program data
Central file storage folder

Define these folders as exemptions in your virus scanner.

In addition, add the paths listed below to the list of exceptions:

C:\Program Files\Allplan\AllplanUpdateLauncher 20XX\*.
C:\Users\Windows Username\AppData\Local\Nemetschek\Allplan\20XX\Tmp\*.
C:\Users\Windows Username\AppData\Local\ALLPLAN_GmbH\*.

Please note that the subfolders of the paths given in the list must also be included in the configuration.

Bear in mind that virus scanners may be installed on the server and the clients (provided you work with a server).
For more information on the virus scanner, contact the manufacturer.

In addition, also configure the setting for licensing.
Define the exception in your virus scanner for the "Codemeter" folder. You will find this under:

C:\Program files (X86)\Codemeter.
C:\Program files\Codemeter

Error message LocalDataPath exceeds maximum length of 80 characters

Version:  Allplan 2023, Allplan 2022, Allplan 2021  | Last modified: 11.11.2022 08:50


What does this error message mean and how can I fix it? How can I change the path and switch from server to local?


For the use of Allplan Share, a defined path for the "LocaldataPath" is used for the temporary storage of the project data to be edited. In Allplan 2021, a default setting was made so that the LocaldataPath should always be in the Windows user folder. However, for customers who place their users on the server, this causes the problem that 80 characters are exceeded.
Since hotfix 2021-0-3 there is a possibility to change this path to local by creating a registry entry.


The procedure described below is done at your own risk.
Questions about this should be clarified before the practical implementation.
Always make a copy of a file before making any changes to it.
Before changing registry entries, create a backup of the registry key to be modified by exporting the key in the registry editor under File->export.
We recommend that you have this work done by an experienced technician.

After you have installed at least version 2021-0-3 of Allplan, proceed as follows:

Be sure to exit Allplan before making the change to prevent data loss and errors.

  1. On a local C: or D: drive of the computer used for Allplan, create a new folder with the name "Local data" and the subfolder "Allplan" (e.g. C:\Local data\Allplan) .
  2. In Windows, as an administrator, start the Windows Registry Editor (Start-> Run-> Regedit) .
  3. In the registry, in the left column, open the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nemetschek\Allplan\2021.0\InstallRoot.
  4. In the right window, right-click and select New -> String Value. Create a string value with the names LocalDataDrive and a string value with the name LocalDataPath.
  5. Now activate the edit mode for the "LocalDataDrive" key in the right column of the registry editor by double-clicking the left mouse button and enter here only the drive you have chosen for the local file storage (e.g. C: ) and confirm the change with "OK". Thus the change is taken over in the registration editor.
  6. Then activate the edit mode for the "LocalDataPath" key in the right column of the registry editor by double-clicking the left mouse button and enter the additional path defined for the local file storage (e.g. \LocalDataPath ) and confirm the change with "OK". The change will be applied to the registry editor. The result should look as follows:

  7. Close the registration editor. Allplan now uses the newly defined path for the Allplan Share cache.

Restart the Allmenu and you will see the local path displayed there.

Switching to a new server (Allplan 2014 and higher)

Version:  Allplan 2017, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2016  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:50


How can I move the "central file storage folder" of an Allplan installation to a new server?


The procedure described below is not approved by Allplan. Do this at your own risk.
You are strongly advised to clarify all issues in advance.
If you are not sure what to do, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall Allplan or consult technical support.
Always copy a file before you change it.


A. General information
Copy the "central file storage folder" from the old server to the new server.
You can find this folder under a shared folder.
Create the same folder structure and share (including the share name) on the new server, making things easier for you. However, this is not mandatory.

B. Allplan installation with Workgroup Manager

1. Changes on the server
Enter the new server name in the following files on the new server. You can find these files in the NET folder, which is a subfolder of the central file storage folder. You can open the files in an editor and edit them there.

· Enter the server name in CAPITAL LETTERS (also applies to user.cfg and project.dat!), for example, SERVER.
· Do not delete the blanks after the server name.
· If the share name or folder name has changed, you need to enter the new name after the blanks.

· Since Allplan 2014 this file is encrypted and is saved in ANSI format
· Open the files with editor. After the = change the server name to new name, use CAPITAL LETTERS (without any blanks).
· When finished click on file in the left top and chose save file as
· File name: user.cfg
· File type: text file (*.txt)
· Encyryption(Coding): ANSI
· Save

Note: if the server name is not shown in user.cfg please contact us again by sending your fuser.cfg and the new server name.

· Rename the "project.dat.xml" file "project.alt.xml".
· Then go to step "2. Changes on the workstations". Complete the process for one workstation!
· When you have finished, do the following:
Services application -> Service -> Hotline Tools -> reorg -> Restore project management file -> OK

2. Changes on the workstations
On each workstation, you must adjust a value using the registry editor.

Switch to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Nemetschek\Allplan\'version number'\InstallRoot

In the "NetDrive" value, enter the new server name and the new share name, for example, \\SERVER\Nemdata.
In the "NetPath" value, enter changes in the subfolders, for example, \Nemetschek\Allplan.
Together NetDrive and NetPath define the valid path of the "central file storage folder" on the new server, for example, \\SERVER\Nemdata\Nemetschek\Allplan.

C. Allplan installation without Workgroup Manager
If Workgroup Manager is not installed, use the procedure described in B. You can ignore step "1. Changes on the server".

D. In addition: check the licensing system you are using!

Standalone license:
If you run Allplan using standalone licenses, there are no particular issues to bear in mind.

Wibu license server:
If you want to use the license server also on the new server, you need to return the license on the old server. Install license server on new server and activate the license on the new server again. You can find detailed instructions at:

Note: If you want to create an image of the server or virtualize the server, please contact the technical support team.

Repairing .NET Framework up to and including version 4.8

Version:  Allplan  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:59


How can I fix bugs in Microsoft .NET Framework components?


This is a Windows problem. The procedure described is not supported by Allplan. You do this at your own risk.
If you are not sure, give these instructions to your system administrator.


Online repairing of .NET Framework up to and including version 4.8

Open the support site of Microsoft:

Microsoft provides a repair tool for fixing .NET Framework up to and including version 4.8.

Download the “NetFxRepairTool.exe” file and save it to any folder on the hard drive of your computer; for example, C:\Repair_NetFramework.
Run the repair tool by right-clicking the “NetFxRepairTool.exe” file and selecting “Run as administrator” on the shortcut menu. By doing this, you can bypass Windows User Account Control.
Click “Yes” at the following prompts.
Follow the instructions of the repair tool.

After the repair routine is complete, a log shows you whether fixing .NET Framework has been successful.

Offline repairing of .NET Framework up to and including version 4.8

Download the “NetFxRepairTool.exe” file from

In addition, download the necessary resources for fixing .NET Framework.
You can download these files from the support site of Microsoft; go to "Offline support".

Download the two files and save them to any new folder on the hard drive of your computer; for example, C:\Repair_NetFramework.

Open the Command Prompt window as an administrator.

Enter the following commands one after another. Confirm each command by selecting Enter.

cd\ [Enter]

cd Repair_NetFramework [Enter]

NetfxRepairTool.exe /addsource C:\Repair_NetFramework [Enter]

The tool repairs .NET Framework.

After the repair routine is complete, a log shows you whether fixing .NET Framework has been successful.

If this does not repair .NET Framework on your computer, try the .NET Framework cleanup tool on the support site of Microsoft.

Download the .NET Framework cleanup tool from

After running the .NET Framework cleanup tool, you must reinstall the .NET Framework components removed by the cleanup tool.

Workgroup Manager: checking out computer and working with user privileges

Version:  Allplan 2018, Allplan 2022, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2017, Allplan 2021  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 14:03


How can I check out a computer and continue to work as a normal CAD user with my usual settings and permissions?


Install the "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" driver.
This driver is necessary so that network services are running on the computer all the time.
Go to Allplan Connect for a detailed description:

Sign in as the Allplan administrator to the computer.

Step 1: add the computer to workgroup manager
You must add the computer to the workgroup so that you can store data (data server) on this computer. Do the following:

Create data folders:
Create a folder - for example, “Nemdata” - on the computer and share it (full control).
Create the “Allplan” subfolder in this folder. Create two subfolders - “usr” and “prj” - in the Allplan folder.
In this example: “...\Nemdata\Allplan\prj” and “...\Nemdata\Allplan\usr”

To share a folder for the Allplan file storage

  1. Start File Explorer on the computer that you want to use for file storage and switch to the folder that you want to share (in this example, the “Nemdata” folder).
  2. Right-click the folder that you want to share and select Give access to -> Specific peopleon the shortcut menu.
  3. Select Everyoneand click Share.

Add computer:

  1. Start the Services application as the workgroup administrator.
  2. Click and select Manage computers and projects.
  3. Click the Add any computer to Allplan workgroupicon and select the computer that you want to add.
  4. Select the “Allplan” subfolder under the share and click “OK” to confirm. This computer is now listed under workgroup server.

Note:If you have problems adding the computer to workgroup manager, read the following instructions:

Step 2: define project owner
A user can only move a project if the user is the owner of this project.
The ownership of a project can only be changed by an Allplan administrator (or the owner of the project).
Allplan -> File -> ProjectPilot ->
Go to the “Projects” node, right-click the required project and click Propertieson the shortcut menu.
Define the owner.

Step 3: move projects
Sign in as the user who wants to check out the computer.
Select the Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Manage computers and projects.
Click the main server and select the project that you want to move.
Drag the projects one after the other to the computer to be checked out.

Important note: You can take projects with you in several ways.

1. You move the project to the computer.
Move project: Drag the project to the destination computer, or open the shortcut menu of the project and click “Cut”. After this, open the shortcut menu of the destination computer and click “Paste”.
After you have checked in the computer, move the project back to the server so that it is available to all and included in backups again.

2. You copy projects. Click a project, select and hold the Ctrl key and drag the project to the destination computer. Or: Open the shortcut menu of the project and click “Copy”. After this, open the shortcut menu of the destination computer and click “Paste”.

You can continue in two ways: Lock the original project on the server to protect it from changes. Consequently, nobody in the office can work on this project, but it is still on the server. When you check in the computer again, you unlock the project on the server, delete the project and copy your copy back to the server if you have changed the project.
Alternatively, both projects remain active. Consequently, both the project copied and the original on the server can be worked on. In this case, however, you must adjust the data manually when you are back in the office by copying the changed drawing files of the projects by using ProjectPilot.

Step 4: check out the computer
Select the Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Manage computers and projects.
Click your computer and then click Check outin the lower-right area.
Confirm the message that tells you that there are still user folders on the computer to be checked out.
Enter a comment and click OK. Users in the office see this comment when they try to access a project that is on the computer that is checked out.
Specify the parts of the office standard you want to copy to the computer and click OK to confirm.
The first time you check out the computer, you must copy the office standard once so that the entire STD folder is on this computer. This is no longer necessary when you check out the computer afterward because the contents of the STD folder do not change very often.


You can now remove the computer from the network and work on your projects when you are out of the office. To make sure that the projects are not changed in the office in the meantime, the projects that are on the computer checked out are locked for the CAD users on the network. These users see the comment you entered when you checked out the computer.


Working with Allplan from home

Version:  Allplan 2022, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2020  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:50


How can I work from home with Allplan without a direct LAN connection to a common file storage folder?


1. Working from home with direct access to the central data

If you want to work together on projects, you can use Allplan Share, Allplan’s cloud solution, to work with Allplan without a LAN connection to the central file storage folder. This is only possible if Allplan is installed as a standalone version on a computer without access to a central file storage folder; otherwise, Allplan does not start. If the computer is part of a workgroup installation, the computer must be checked out and used outside the LAN (like a standalone workstation). Data access is via cloud services.
This is only possible if you use Allplan Share for cloud storage.

Working with Allplan Share is just as simple as working at a standalone workstation. You and several other users can access and edit a project at the same time.

To get more information on Allplan Share, use the following link or contact your sales partner:

You can also find further information on Allplan Connect; use the following link:


VPN is not useful for common project storage.
Allplan exchanges many files with the data server. VPN uses advanced encryption, which considerably slows down data transfer.
A connection via VPN is not approved for Allplan because data might get damaged even if the connection is interrupted only briefly. In addition, working over the internet is extremely slow if the internet connection is not fast enough (at least 100 Mbit).
Allplan does not support a VPN connection with IPv6; Allplan detects only IPv4.
Make sure that the VPN connection does not switch to sleep mode.

Please note that we cannot provide support for this constellation.

2. Working from home without access to the central file storage (working locally):

2.1 Allplan with workgroup manager:

If workgroup manager is included in your license, you can check out a computer or laptop with projects from the workgroup environment. You can then work from home without access to the server. The projects on the computer or laptop that is checked out are locked for the CAD users on the network. These users see the comment you entered when you checked out the computer.

You can find instructions at

When you use a license server, you can get the license via a VPN connection or borrow the license beforehand:

2.2 Allplan without workgroup manager:

Using the office computer
If you have neither workgroup manager nor network access, you must uninstall Allplan and install it again by specifying the local paths. To work with a project, you must back it up and then import it to the local installation.

Using a new (private) computer
If you want to use a new computer to work from home, you must return the license at the office computer and then use this license to install Allplan on the new computer.

We recommend that you do not mix data from the office computer and the private computer. Merging data later involves considerable time and effort.

Use the following link to find out how to transfer projects:

Server operating system for the data storage of Allplan

Version:  Allplan 2019, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2022, Allplan 2017  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 14:00

Which server or server operating system can be used for data storage of Allplan.


Since Allplan 2018 we recommend Windows Server 2016 as the server operating system for pure data storage and since Allplan 2019 also Windows Server 2019, since Allplan 2022 Windows Server 2022.
When selecting the server operating system, please also take into account the interaction with the client operating systems used.
For Windows Server 2012 R2, the "development phase" (fixing bug fixes, etc.) was discontinued in 2018.
However, Microsoft will continue to provide extended support (closing security gaps) until 10.10.2023.
The same applies in this respect for the Windows 8.1 operating system used in the same period.

Due to this fact, it cannot be ruled out that the further development of the Windows 10 operating system and the "technological standstill" of Windows Server 2012 R2 could lead to discrepancies when combining these operating systems at some point.

However, Microsoft should be able to guarantee compatibility for the operating systems used in the future.
Windows Server 2016 - Windows 10
Windows Server 2019 - Windows 10
Windows Server 2022 - Windows 10 and Windows 11 respectively.

If Allplan is also to be installed on the server operating system (e.g. Citrix), the corresponding release in the system requirements must be observed. For Allplan 2016/2017 this is e.g: Windows Server 2012 R2. For higher Allplan versions this is e.g: Windows Server 2016.

General information about the system requirements here:

Notes on NAS systems:

NAS server are not generally recommended. Because the product variety and quality is very diverse, no effective quality control can take place. We can give no guarantee about operability. In the past we had performance or stability problems, false representations up to the loss of data in some cases.

This phenomenon occurs most in NAS systems of the lower price segment, which have not installed sufficiently fast hardware. If nevertheless a NAS system is to be used we recommend generally a high-performance hardware and the use of the operating system "Windows Storage Server 2012".

Large coordinates

Version:  Allplan 2018, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2019  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 14:02


  • Why can't I create elements?
  • Why can't I move a drawing?
  • Why are elements not created correctly?
  • Why does the program crash when I import a DXF file from the land registry office?
  • Why is the outline of a circumscribed area not detected correctly?
  • Why can't I calculate shadows?
  • Why are elements not displayed correctly in animation?
  • Why are parts of dimension text missing?
  • Why do the contents of the screen suddenly rotate?
  • Why can't I get a preview when I move or copy elements?
  • Why are areas not calculated correctly?

Finding the reason for these problems:

Check whether an offset is set in the project settings (File -> New Project, Open Project-> select the project and open the shortcut menu -> Properties; Allplan 2009 and earlier: Tools -> Options ->Advanced Draft -> Settings). If there are offset coordinates, clear the check box.

Select Tools -> Measure(->)Coordinates.
Click in the middle of the drawing in plan view.
If there are very large values (for example, x/y/z greater than 5000 m), you have found the reason for these problems.

The system has problems calculating and displaying data with very large coordinates. The more data you have with very large coordinates, the greater this effect.


  • Click Tools -> Options... -> Desktop environment -> Generaland select Optimize working with large coordinates(Allplan 2009 and earlier: Tools -> Options -> Global Options -> Miscellaneous tab -> Optimize working with large coordinates). After this you must restart Allplan. Otherwise, this setting has no effect.

This is a user setting you must define separately for each user.

  • Usually, the best solution is to move the data towards the Allplan origin. Use the "Move" tool. When Allplan prompts you to specify the target point ("To point"), select Global point in the dialog line. You can find detailed information in the help for Allplan. Look for the Global pointtopic.


If the data are still not displayed correctly, do the following:
Exit Allplan -> Services application-> Service -> Hotline Tools-> cleanup -> start Allplan.

Generating a support request using Hotinfo

Version:  Allplan 2016, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2017, Allplan 2015  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:54


You can help the technical support team to process your request by generating a support request with the Hotinfo program and sending it to us.

The generated support request will help to avoid unnecessary questions and delays, as it automatically contains all necessary information pertinent to the problem in question.


The Hotinfo program is installed along with Allplan; you can start it over the following ways:
1. Start -> All Programs -> Nemetschek -> Allplan [version number] -> Hotinfo [version number].
2. Allplan -> ? -> Generate support request (Hotinfo)
3. Allmenu/Services -> Service -> Create Support request (Hotinfo)

Select the team with whom you wish to communicate:
Choose the relevant entry, for example, Technical Support Allplan. The email address of the selected team is entered automatically.

Select the areas on which you have questions:
Please select the question that is pertinent to your support request.
You only need to select question 2 when Allplan support is requesting it from you.

01. General inquiry
02. Inquiry with Allplan logging

Note on question 02:
If you have selected question "02. Inquiry with Allplan logging", you can start Allplan straight form the Hotinfo after the questions.
This will generate and attach a log (trace).
Start Allplan by clicking on the button “Start Allplan”
Carefully reproduce the problem – for example, perform the steps that lead to the failure.
Then click "Next" to generate the support request with the trace.
You can click the "Take screenshot" button at any time while Allplan is running in logging mode. This way, you can quickly and easily save any error messages that may be displayed.

Enter your contact address:
Please enter your name, telephone number and email address
so that the technical support team can contact you.

Please describe the problem:
Describe the problem in detail (for example, include the exact wording of error messages).

Select the files you want to attach to the email:
You can include additional files with important information such as damaged drawing files, NID files or other files.

These files are only attached to the email when you send the Hotinfo by clicking “Finish” -> Option “Start email program…" or send it to us over File -> Send Message...".
See note further down.

Create the screenshots you want to attach to the email:
You can use the "New screenshot" button to take screenshots of the entire screen and send them as a file attachment to the Hotinfo.

These files are only attached to the email when you send the Hotinfo by clicking “Finish” -> Option “Start email program…" or send it to us over File -> Send Message...".
See note further down

Here you have the possibility over the pre-selected option "Start Email program..." to start your email program with the created Hotinfo, the generated files as a file attachment and the correct destination address. You only need to press 'Send'.

Over option "Open Hotinfo file to save it..."you can open the support request, save, and send as an email attachment to (please no spam) @ (please no spam), if no e-mail program is installed locally.
In this case, make sure to attach in addition to the support request all additional files also. Attach the "attached files" and "generated screenshots" independently as attachment to your email.

Transferring license to a new or another computer

Version:  Allplan 2020, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2017, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2022  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:59


How can I transfer the license permanently to a new computer?
How can I temporarily transfer the license of a registered computer to a different computer?
How can I interchange the licenses of two registered computers?


If you activated the license online by entering a Product Key, you can return the Product Key and then use it for a different computer. You can return and activate the license only if the computers have Internet access. The computer where you want to return or activate the license does not have to be online all the time. It is enough if it is online while you are returning or activating the license.

Returning a license
To return a license in online mode

  • Open the 'License settings' dialog box: Services application -> Utilities -> License settings
  • Write down the Product Key for the license you are returning.
  • Click License activationon the left. Then click the license you want to return.
  • Click Return license.

You can now activate the license on a different computer.

Activating a license
If you want to transfer the license permanently, you can activate a license while you are installing Allplan or after you have installed Allplan. By activating a license, you connect the license with the new or other computer. As a result, you can start Allplan on this computer.
If you want to transfer the license only temporarily, install Allplan as a viewer on the second computer and
activate the license later.

To activate the license during installation:
Start Setup and follow the instructions displayed.

  • In the 'Installation Option' dialog box, select the 'Enter Product Key' option and click 'Next'.
  • Enter your Product Key.
  • Click 'Activate license'.

To activate the license after installation:

  • Open the 'License settings' dialog box: Services application -> Utilities -> License settings
  • Click License activationon the left.
  • Enter your Product Key.
  • Click Activate license.

Here comes a practical example:
If you want to use a Product Key for running Allplan on two or more computers, you must use computer A to return the license before you can use this license with computer B. To return the license, open the Services application -> Utilities -> License settings -> Return license. If this computer always uses the same Product Key, you can find this Product Key in the box below License activation. This box always displays the last Product Key entered.

If you switch between several licenses, it is a good idea to save the Product Keys used in a text file on the desktop. This way, you can copy the Product Keys quickly and easily to the license settings.

Note: When license cannot be returned due to defect
If your computer has a defect and does not start anymore, or your hard disk has crashed and you had to install a new one, we need a statutory declaration from you. You will receive this declaration after your situation has been checked by the technical support team. Please contact your local Allplan Support with a brief description of what happened.

Further Notes:
You can also find your Product Key in Allplan Connect. Go to
Click Profile -> License administration.
Only administrators can use this function.

Converting all Allplan projects in a single operation

Version:  Allplan 2012, Allplan 2014, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2013, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2015, Allplan 2011, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2017  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:59


I just installed an upgrade. How can I convert all the projects at once?


Back up all the projects beforehand!

Do the following:

  • Exit Allplan on all workstations.
  • Only when working with Workgroup Manager:
    Log in as the Allplan administrator (sysadm).
  • Start the Services application.
  • Only when working with Workgroup Manager:
    Make sure all the computers where projects are located are up and running.
    To check this, select:
    Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Information -> Display Project List(the second column displays the computer where the project is located).
  • Go to the computer where you want to convert the data and set the drawing file size to the maximum value:
    Services application->Service ->Hotline Tools->docsize ->512 (or 1024, if available) ->OK
    After data conversion, you can set the drawing file size back to the initial value.
  • Start converting the data (use the computer where you have changed the drawing file size):
    Services application ->Service ->Hotline Tools -> datwaprjs: convert data of all projects
    If you reply "Yes" at the following two prompts, the program will convert the data of all projects.


The time it takes to convert the data depends on various factors:

  • Number of projects
  • Size of each project
  • Performance of the computer converting the data
  • Network performance

It is possible to start data conversion from several workstations at the same time.

Moving license server to a new server

Version:  Allplan 2019, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2022, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2017  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:59


How can I move the license server to a new server?

If you activated the license(s) online by entering a Product Key, you can return the license(s) and then use them on a different server. You can return licenses only if the server has Internet access.

Returning a license

To return a license in online mode

  • Start the license server by opening the License Settings.
  • Click License activationon the left. Then click the license you want to return.
  • Click Return license.
  • Do this for each license until you have returned all licenses.

You can now activate the license(s) on a different server.

To install the license server on the new server, download the software for the license server from Allplan Connect.
You can activate a license in online mode only if you have ...

  • Internet access
  • a Product Key

Installing the license server on the new server

  • Start License Server Setupon the new server.
  • Click Install.
  • Start the license server by starting the License Settingsprogram. Go to the License activationarea, enter your Product Key and click Activate license.
  • If you have more licenses for the license server, enter the respective Product Keys and activate the licenses.
  • Afterwards, start CodeMeter Control Center.
    To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. As an alternative, open Search by clicking the Search button on the Start screen, enter Codemeter and press ENTER. A dialog box opens. Click WebAdmin at bottom right.

    Or Enter Localhost:22350in the address bar of your browser.
  • Select Settings -> Server -> Access serverin the Network serverarea and click Activate.
  • Click Apply.

Configuring the clients

The license server license will be detected automatically on the network; the clients display the license(s) provided by the new server.

Check the license selection in the license settings of the client:

Services application -> Utilities -> License settings -> License selection

Select the check box in front of a license to select this license as a favorite. You can mark as many licenses as you want. Allplan will then prefer these licenses. Click to select one ore more licenses Allplan is not to use. If you do not select any license or if you have selected several favorites, Allplan will automatically use the first free license it finds.

Find license server automatically:
When you select this option, Allplan automatically detects a license server on the LAN. In some cases, such as VPN connections, Allplan may not be able to detect a server automatically. In this case, you can enter the server manually (see additional server name).
Note:Only the Windows administrator can change this option.

Additional server name:
If 'Find license server automatically' is not active or Allplan has not automatically found a license server, you can manually enter the name or the IP address of the server. If 'Find license server automatically' is active, you can enter an additional server. After having entered the server name, click Updateto see the licenses of the license server. Use semicolons to separate several server names.


You can find detailed information on the license server in the License Settings help (F1 key).

Allplan communicates with the license server via TCP/IP. By default, communication is via Port 22350unless you change the port in CodeMeter WebAdmin.

If a firewall is active on your computer, you must enable port 22350 for TCP and UDP. If the firewall filters in an application-specific manner, you have to enable the CodeMeter.exe license server service. You can find this service in the %Program Files (x86)%\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin Windows folder. Define the CodeMeter.exe service as an exception in the firewall. Some anti-virus programs also include firewall functions. If you are not sure, contact the manufacturer of the anti-virus program.

Transferring data from old Allplan versions

Version:  Allplan 2018, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2022, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2017  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:59


How can I import data from an earlier version?


You can import data from the last three Allplan versions.
Consequently, the following import operations are possible:

Target version <- import possible from version

2017 <- 2014
2016 <- 2013
2015 <- 2012
2014 <- 2011
2013 <- 2009
2012 <- 2008
2011 <- 2006
2009 <- 2005
2008 <- 2004
2006 <- 2003
2005 <- 17
2004 <- 16

We cannot guarantee that data created in older versions can be imported and edited. The conversion of older data may be incomplete, which may affect intelligent components in particular.

1. Archived data from an earlier version (not older than three previous versions):

There are two ways to convert the data to the current version:

  • Import the project backups created and archived using the
    Services application -> Data Backup -> Import -> Projects.
    After importing the projects, convert them by opening each project once.
  • Import the backups archived using the
    Services application -> File -> Restore documents of any version to '...\Extern'.
    The data are written to the external path.
    You can now process the converted data in ProjectPilot.

2. Archived data from an older Allplan version (older than three previous versions):

  • See whether you can use the approach described in step 1 to import the old projects.
  • If available, it is a good idea to install an old Allplan version. Import the backups created and archived into this old version and convert the projects using the Services application. If you have imported a complete project backup, convert the data by opening each project once. When finished, repeat this process with a newer version (up to three versions later) until the data are up-to-date.
  • If an old Allplan version is not available, you can also have the data converted by Allplan. Please note that this service is not free of charge. Please contact Technical Support ->


  • You can convert the data of all projects at once. Read the following FAQ in Allplan Connect:
  • If enough hard disk space is available, you are advised to keep and maintain the projects so that Allplan automatically converts them to the current version whenever you upgrade.
  • If there are project-specific smart symbol catalogs, you should open the smart symbol catalog once to convert the data.

User UID is bigger as current max UID

Version:  Allplan 2017, Allplan 2022, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2019  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 14:01


You get an error message at program start that the UID(xx) of the new user is greater than the current maximum UID(xx). How can you increase the maximum number?


By default, Allplan with Workgroupmanager can manage a maximum of 128 CAD users.
However, since version 2008, it has been possible to increase the number of Workgroupmanager users to up to 992 CAD users.
To do this, you need to create the file nemusers.cfg in the Net folder of Allplan's central file storage.
You can see the path of the central file storage in the Allmenu/Service Application window.

If the file with the name "nemusers.cfg" exist (the file type does not matter) already, then the value noted in the file is important.
In this case, check the entered value and increase it in 32 steps up to max. 992.

If the file does not exist, create this file, open it and enter a value in 32 steps e.g. 128, 160 or 192...

Transfer single workstation to network with/without Workgroup Manager as of Allplan 2022

Version:  Allplan 2022  | Last modified: 17.10.2022 14:01


You have installed Allplan locally on several workstations and now wish to change the installation to access a shared network drive with the data store.


Before you switch to a network installation, you must back up the data of all workstations.
We highly recommend that this work be carried out by a technician. Your sales partner will be happy to provide you with a quote for this.


For cases where Allplan is installed locally and the project data is also stored locally on each computer, the following description shows how to change to workstations with a common network drive for common file storage.

1. Getting ready
Choose one of the workstations where you will install all the projects and the office standard (hereinafter referred to as the main workstation).
First, move all the projects to the main workstation.

1.a: copying resources into projects
To make sure that the projects in your office have a uniform appearance, change the path settings for the projects' resources to 'Project'.
Make the following setting for each project:
Allplan -> File -> ProjectPilot - Admin. -> Select projects individually -> right mouse button -> Properties -> Settings tab
Change the path settings for 'Pen and line definitions', 'Fonts', 'patterns, hatching styles, area styles', 'bar and mesh cross-section catalogs', 'layer structures, line styles, drawing types' and 'attributes proposed' from 'Office' to 'Project', if necessary.
The corresponding elements are copied from the office standard directly to the project. This ensures that the project settings stay the same even when you copy the project to the new server with the new office standard.

1.b: pen color ("Color stands for pen")
The pen color for the "Color stands for pen" setting is a user-specific setting that is not saved to the project but to the user folder (...\Usr).

2.a: Importing projects from individual workstations to the main workstation
The projects of the secondary workstations can now be imported at the main workstation via the tool "New Project, Open Project -> Import project". Here you can import one or more projects or zipped project backups from any path. You can select the projects in the “import project” dialog box and import them into the current version. The source version is displayed in the version column.

The main workstation contains the latest version of all the projects of the office.

3. merging project defaults
To do this, copy the elements to be transferred (symbols, smart symbols, lists, etc.) on the secondary workstations in ProjectPilot to the external path, which can of course be set to a shared network folder.
In a second step, copy the elements to be transferred to the office standard on the main workstation in ProjectPilot via the external path.

4. Transfer the central file storage folder from the main computer to the future server:

  • Before the switch, create a folder on the server (e.g. Data) and share this folder with anyone with full access (e.g. as Data). Create a subfolderAllplanunder it. (e.g. \\server\Data\Allplan). Allplan works with UNC path. In the case of a network installation, there must therefore be a folder for the central file storage on which Allplan 2022 is to be installed that is shared by all computers.
  • Exit Allplan on all Allplan workstations.
  • Open the Allplan Diagnostic Tool on the first computer viaServices application - > Service - > Allplan Diagnostics. Switch to the "Settings" tab.
  • Under the field "Workgroup settings” press "Search...". In the browser that appears, you can search for the new share by entering the UNC name of the new server at the top followed by the share or the complete path and confirm with Enter. Select your new central file storage folder and confirm with OK. Please note that the new path must conform to UNC only when using the Workgroup Manager. For example: \\server\Data\Allplan)
  • To start the migration, please press "Apply". This will start the copying process and change the configuration. The data is not moved but copied and this workstation is now converted and accesses the new data store.
  • You can now switch all the workstations to the future network installation via the same process. For the other workstations, the copying process of the project and STD folder is prevented with a corresponding note, because the routine already recognizes these folders on the new server. Only the configurations on the computer are changed.

5. Optional: Activate Workgroup Manager (if the licenses include it)

Please refer to the following FAQ to enable the Workgroup Manager on the workstations:

6. Summary:
All the workstations access a common network drive with the same project pool and office standard.
Without the Workgroup Manager, only one user can access a project at the same time. Simultaneous work of multiple users in one project is only possible in an Allpan installation with the Workgroup Manager, if the license includes it. Please see section 5.

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