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[Question] Steel Connections

Hi everyone,
I am new in Allplan. I try to trim a hollow section steel beam with an HEB steel beam, or to join two steel HEB elements, and i don't know how i do it. See attached image.

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Hi,if you have used 3d solids you can use the cut element command (see image).
If you need to combine the two HEB steel beam into a single element you can use the command for joining 3d solids (see image).
Sorry for my bad English

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Hi, Thanks for your response.

But ,i used the Structural Framing Beam command. See attached image2.

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Hi, in my Allplan version i don't have structural beams and i don't know how they work.
One solution may be to turn beams into 3d solids.

Ok. Thank you for your help.

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