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[Question] Steel Connections

Hi everyone,
I am new in Allplan. I try to trim a hollow section steel beam with an HEB steel beam, or to join two steel HEB elements, and i don't know how i do it. See attached image.

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Hi,if you have used 3d solids you can use the cut element command (see image).
If you need to combine the two HEB steel beam into a single element you can use the command for joining 3d solids (see image).
Sorry for my bad English

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Hi, Thanks for your response.

But ,i used the Structural Framing Beam command. See attached image2.

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Hi, in my Allplan version i don't have structural beams and i don't know how they work.
One solution may be to turn beams into 3d solids.

Ok. Thank you for your help.


I have the same question.
I bought ALLPLAN 2022.
I'm new user and I have a lot of questions about steel frame trim.
How to make mitre cut or cut to any surface for steel frame components such as beams and columns?

And if it is impossible to do, than I have another question.
How to make steel frame members to 3D solid? How I understand there is option to cut 3D solid elements like in Autocad with subtract command.

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