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[Question] [Question] Adding summaries into legend

I'm creating custom legend that fits our ateliers needs (I'm still studying and I need the same for my school project & I'm making the legend on my students licenced copy of allplan but the same will aply in my work for there is 2017 as well).

My issue is easy to understand & not that easy to solve (for me, I've been unable to solve it myself)
I need to make a summary of all the surfaces in one group of rooms. Say I make a shop with rooms 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 and another next to it
with different areas of rooms numbered 2.01, 2.02, 2.03.

I need the legend to say:
1.01; Area; some info that is specific for room
1.02; Area; some info that is specific for room
1.03; Area; some info that is specific for room
Total Area; (missing in my report)
2.01; Area; some info that is specific for room
2.02; Area; some info that is specific for room
2.03; Area; some info that is specific for room
Total Area;(missing in my report)

Image shows what's that what i've got so far.

Thanks for all replies!

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Dear Filko,

Did you find out?

There is many ways to do it.

1°) You can use special existing tool to groupe some rooms together and than use the legend or report belong to the group of rooms. There is allready many legend and report which can do what you need.

2°) You can create you own legend with a sublegend.

Than can filter with a first column will be the room number wich will be define with only 1 digit. You can use a formular like:
MID (@roomvariablename@;1;1). I don't remember this attribut but it's easy to find. And this formular means keep only the first caracters of your name.

And you need a sublegend which will output all rooms number.

So Allplan will look at room 1 and display all room 1.01,1.02... And than switch to room number 2.

And in between you can get the total of all room 1 and all room 2. And a global total.

HINT: If you have many flat or group, than you can use 2 characters or 3 but you will need to define the room name like 001.01,001.02,002.01,002.02....

Bye & Good use!

2°) You can create you own legend with a sublegend.

I'm trying to use a sub-legend. When I insert the compiled list (list+sub list), Allplan simply ignores my command. No list is shown nor error.

I tryed to lock the sub-list as every sublist type and as engeneering.

I think I'm missing some step...

Thank you.

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Creating a legend or list which contains a sublist means that both list will determin the display of the general list.

As you know a list can be composed by:
- a Header
- a line
- a total or/and subtotal

So I normaly create a first list which contains
- a header
- a line (with only one cells of the first grouping i need)
- a total (sometimes not allways)

And than i create another list like a sub_list which will be continu after my 'line':
- a line (display all field of the subj object i want).

In this case i do first the second list than when i do the main list i ask the sublist.

So the idea is:
Allplan create the header and than search the grouping attribut (first field of my main list).
When he find the attribut, he search the smaller one and call the sublist.
Than Allplan generate the data of the second list.

I talked about such legend in another topic 'Link'

Let us know if you have other question.

Bye & Good Use!

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