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[Question] Binding reinforcement with object (report)

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask more experienced users (than me how to deal with such a situation.

Let's say I have some objects with reinforcement inside one drawing file. I have also several columns and beams. When i would like to make report with only rebars that are inside one of the beam i should select only those bars in the workspace i need, but: is there a chance to somehow bind those rebars to this beam, so i could, for example during creating report, say that i want to show reinforcement only for beam B1?
Is there a chance to assign specific rebar to one object (like in PythonParts) and then choose (for example for report) only rebars that are assigned to this object, without manually selecting them from the workspace.

Kind regards

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Dear Karol,

I see different way to work on your request.

1°) Since the version 2016 or 2016, there is a possibility to add special attribut any bars.

So by using this bars type, you should be able to make filtering on your report for example.

So you could create a special attribut field which use to name your element and than assign it per group of element.

2°)The second possibility should be to use the "Assembly group" tool. This is a special tool from the Engineering module which allow you to group bars and also fixture Under one name that you can set.
It's easy to use and you can create a legend/report which display this Assembly group name.
I will attached an FAQ about this tool.

3°) You can use a precast module name "iParts or DET" to place bars Inside element. Without doing any grouping. When you place any bars on a element, the bars are belong to the element and you can output a report/legend only for this element.
Inside a precast element, you can set few bars as subgroup (this was what i did on the FAQ with assembly group too).

I prefer the last one

Bye & Good Use!

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Hello Judy,

thank you for your comprehensive response to my question!
I will try to follow your advice.

Best regards

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