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With Allplan 2020, we offer you a future-oriented BIM solution for architects and engineers. The software is characterized by high performance, especially in the area of cross-team collaboration, and thus contributes to greater efficiency and productivity in day-to-day work. The openBIM approach supports smooth, interdisciplinary collaboration with project partners. A highlight of the new version is visual scripting with a wide range of possible applications: Model complex shapes or create automated workflows by visually arranging and connecting so-called nodes. Programming knowledge is not required for this. Allplan 2020 also offers architects efficient tools for modeling stairs and roofs. For engineers there are several improvements for views and sections as well as new features in steel construction and structural analysis for bridge construction.

The most important new features of Allplan 2020

Information about Allplan Architecture 2020

Information about Allplan Engineering 2020


Note for existing customers:
Upgrade: Please note our instruction concerning the licensing


Note for new customers:
For running Allplan 2020, you require a Product Key. Using this key, you can activate your license online. You can find your Product Key in Allplan Connect. Go to


Note on the demo version (trial):
If you want to test Allplan 2020, you can request a Product Key for your test here.


System test:
Before you start installing, use this system test to check if your computer meets the system requirements for Allplan 2020.

Go to system test 


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