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1. What is a company network?

You can create a "company" network as a customer in Allplan Connect.
Persons assigned to your company network also benefit from Allplan Connect. Serviceplus customers are granted premium rights and can thus access Allplan Connect without any restrictions. Customers without Serviceplus agreements have limited access to Allplan Connect.
As the administrator, you can invite employees to your Allplan Connect company network and then accept them. It is also possible to remove persons you have already accepted and assigned to your network.
To become the administrator, you need to register with you customer number and enter your admin key on the Admin - Company Connection page. You can find your admin key in the personal letter you received.

2. What is an administrator?

The administrator is an employee in a company who is entitled to create an Allplan Connect company network. The administrator is granted advanced rights in Allplan Connect to create a company network, invite persons, confirm or turn down connection requests to an existing company network or remove persons already assigned to a company network.

3. Which functions of Allplan Connect are available to me?

Serviceplus customers have access to all Allplan Connect functions without any restrictions. Customers without Serviceplus agreements have limited access to Allplan Connect.

4. What are the privileges of Serviceplus customers?

Serviceplus customerscan access the contents and functions of Allplan Connect without any restrictions. What's more, they can take part in events, contact Technical support and
use the entire content of Allplan Connect for free.
Customers without Serviceplus agreementshave limited access to the contents and the functions of Allplan Connect. However, they can use more parts of the content and more functions than interested parties. Therefore, they can download more content items, watch e-Learning videos or read FAQs.
Interested partiescan also register for and log in to Allplan Connect. However, the number of available functions is limited further.

5. How can I become an administrator in Allplan Connect?

To become an administrator, you need to confirm your customer number using the admin key. This is only possible for Allplan customers. You can find detailed instructions on how to enter your admin key in Allplan Connect in the document entitled "Instructions for registration".

6. What can an administrator of a company network do?

The administrator of a company network can invite employees to join the company's network. Of course, the administrator can also remove persons from the network again.
Members of a company network can benefit from the company's status in Allplan Connect (customer or Serviceplus customer).

7. How can I join a company network?

To join a company network, you need the customer number of your company. You can then enter it in the corresponding box on the Admin - myProfile page. Now all that is missing is the confirmation of your company network's administrator
. To get this confirmation, you can send a connection request to the administrator on the Admin - Company Connection page.

8. What is an admin key?

The admin key is a string consisting of 16 characters. Persons who receive the appropriate admin key for a customer number can become the administrator of the customer-based company network in Allplan Connect.
Each admin key is only valid in conjunction with your customer number and can only be used once. If you require another admin key, you need to request it. You will get it personally from us.
Unused admin keys are valid indefinitely. They do not expire until the customer number is confirmed.

9. How can I get an admin key?

The admin key is sent to you by mail. If you have not received it or if you require more admin keys, you can use Allplan Connect to send a request.
To do this, open the Admin - Company Connection page.
There you can find a link to the "Request Admin Key" online form.

10. Can I also register for Allplan Connect if I do not have an admin key?

Everyone can take part in Allplan Connect - whether you are a user of Allplan software or simply interested in Allplan. Registration is free. Even interested parties have access to all areas of Allplan Connect.

11. What about several administrators in my company network?

As soon as another user confirms a customer number using the admin key, this user also becomes an administrator of the corresponding company network. An administrator has the option to remove each additional administrator from the company network. Your written invitation to Allplan Connect contains three admin keys.
You can request more admin keys using the online form at
If an administrator leaves the company or is on holiday or out of office for a long time, the option to have multiple administrators makes sure that all admin functions are always attended to.

12. What happens if I incorrectly enter the admin key five times?

If you inadvertently typed the admin key incorrectly five times, you can reactivate your customer number as follows:

1) There is an administrator in your company network
Send a connection request to this administrator on the Admin - Company Connection page.

2) You are establishing a new company network
In this case, please contact our support team by sending an


Contact form:

Our support team will reactivate your customer number and generate a new admin key so that you can use this new admin key to confirm your customer number.

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