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[Question] Defining the width of controls in a palette!

Hi there,

where it is possible to define in Allplan the width of controls in a palette. Sometimes controls are too small that you cannot display correct info in them. Please let us know, where it is possible do define this width as follows:
- XML language does not have this command?
- Can this be done somewhere else in Allplan?
- SmartParts have this option, in PythonParts it is nowhere to be found!
- Can this be done in Windows Registry?

Any suggestions are welcome!!!
Best Regards, Primoz

I explained the question here in detail:

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Put the mouse at the limit of the controls, the cursor change to this double-arrow (see attached picture). Then, move left or right to change the width of the controls.

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Unbelievable, thank you a lot.

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This could help some other users.

Hi Primoz,

you can also define a default value for the with by "DataColumnWidth"


Best regards

Hi Horst,

Good news!
Is there a list somewhere with all the keywords? "DataColumnWidth" is not in the help page...
Is there also a tag for the width of a control, for example, 2 controls in a row spread over 1/3 and 2/3 of the width?
And can we have a row with a custom height?
Overall, can we define each control as we can do with SmartParts?
Thank you.

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