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[Question] Workgroup manager online 2021?


Hello everybody,

I was wondering, if there is a solution for workgroup manager online in 2021 (same as 2017).

We have installed workgroup manager on a server (Project folder is on a file server) and for each change, the local PC write on the server. This takes time if are more drawings.

Is it possible when open a project, to download on the local PC (all changes to be saved on the local pc) and after finishing or every 10-20 min to synchronize with the file server?


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Hi, "workgroup online" is outdated and no longer available since 2021 i guess.
This product is replaced by Allplan Share. Share does work with local datas and an automated sync process behind.

In a proper LAN network you should have no problems with server datas.
If you use VPN, best of luck! Instead use real local datas or Allplan Share...

Regards Marcus

Thank you, Marcus.

I do not understand the logic, to replace speed of SSD 550-3400 GB/s with LAN speed.

In some cases to change or copy/paste dimension lines or text box in Views/Section, Allplan update all drawings that are included in the Section and this takes seconds per each operation. I do not know if the best i7/i9 or Quadro P4000 will help us for this.

200 operations x 10 seconds are 30 min/day or more then 100 hours by year.

What could be the solution? I hope that to pay for Allplan Share is not the only one.

The LAN network is set up according the installation instructions.

Best regards,

Hi Stefan, Share can help you just to connect multiple departements and/or remote staff (homeoffice) via internet based share/BIM+ platform.
Shurely you'll find a more accurately description about share in the internet.

You seem to struggle with Allplan in your LAN which wasn't obvious to me in your first post.
As of now, the standard workgroup is the only solution i know to work in a LAN collaborative.
And by the way you're propably not alone with performance issues. May they be caused by Allplan mechanisms or by the modelers.


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