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[Question] How to open/recover a backup Project

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem, i wanted to assign some drawing files to a new position, so i moved them to it through "Projectpilot".
They contained the sections of a building and partial reinforcement of it.
The problem is the following, after moving all the content from the file to another one, all the drawing files from the project have changed their position, some of the files have disappeared, everything is messed up ...

I would like to know is there any posibility to open a old save document, if there is, or backup the project a day before and use it, so that i can recover the project before messing it up?

** I have read the Allplan manual, with the subchapter for .bak files, but it didnt help me at all. The problem remains the same.

Thank you

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Hi vladtoma2994,

Your case is really unfortunate. There are messages prompted to you before confirming any action in ProjectPilot.
If you only select Yes No or OK and proceed without reading what's at stake you might overwrite some files or break some associations.

Maybe you moved you files to some other Project by mistake?
For future cases make sure that you backup your active projects regularly.

As for file history: You can activate File History in Windows for particular drives or folders.
Just follow instructions on


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