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[Question] Fragment of Drawing files name @409@ in Label in the title table.

I would like to use a fragment of the drawing file name and insert it into the title table.
I would like Allplan to take e.g. 1 character from the whole name, or take 2 to 5 characters. Is there any formula for this?
in autoC this function is probably called diesel.

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I found the answer myself. I will write, maybe it will be useful to someone.


other Formulas can be found f.e. on this page

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I have another problem / puzzle. I created a group of elements to which I assigned a Label. The Label was created according to the scheme I asked at the beginning of this topic. It gets a piece of text from the name Drawing file name @ 409 @. The problem is that it doesn't refresh automatically. So after changing Drawing files name and opening the Drawing file, the Element group with Label continues reading the old Drawing files name. Only after editing it somehow the description refreshes. For example, you can use the Move function and move the element group by 0.0, then Label refreshes and gets a new Drawing files name.
Is there any option for these descriptions to update automatically? There is a function for this? Should I put such an option when making a Group of elements?

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