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[Question] Element Plan Change Notices Attributes


I would like to ask where to find the attributes of change notices (see attached)? I'm planning to create a report in planbar to extract these information of each precast elements. This is very helpful to us if we can have these attributes because this makes our work faster when creating status report of all precast elements. I'm hoping that you can provide these attributes to us.

Thank you & Regards,
Jeshurun Severo

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Hi All,

Any advice.


Dear Jeshurun,

I'm not sure about. I don't think it's so complicated.

In fact, you can do it already inside the element plan by using label style.

You should use formular with index to make a condition between the index value.

Do you have a report example of what you want to have?

You could also send a request to the precast support with your wish and some data, than we could analyze the best way to output the report.

Bye & Good use!

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Dear Judy,

Thanks for the reply. I found the attributes and I already created the report.

Best Regards,
Jeshurun Severo

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