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[Question] Easy solution to upgrade Allplan 2017-1-12 to 2020 on many workstation

I've many workstation (about 10) with Allplan 2017 installed, and we work with Workgroup Manager.
I would now upgrade all the workstations (and data) to the last version of Allplan (2020).
What's the best way to do it without stopping users working for days, and also not spend weekends or holiday's week to do it?
Thank's for any suggestions.

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I would do the following:

1. download Setup and extract it to file server
2. Make backup of current Allplan version
3. install Allplan on one of the clients, either as update of previous version od parallel installation (the second one will take longer, since the central file storage folder has to be copied). The installation type should be "Standard". If parallel installation is selected, I would do it at the end of working day.
4. The next morning I would finish the installation (the database wasbe copied over night).
5. Installation of Allplan on other workstations at the same time. Since the setup lies on the server, all the clients can run it at the same time. The type of installation should be the same as the first installation, but i wouldn't choose "Standard" but "Minimized" - this way the central file storage remains untouched, and the procedure is a lot faster (it shouldn't take more than 1 hour).
6. Clients can start working - the active project will be converted to 2020 in a couple of minutes.
7. At the end of the day (or on Friday) you can run the conversion of all projects (Allmenu --> Service --> Hotline tools --> datwaprjs)


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