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hy all

I also new in Allplan, but I try to make it work according to my style. In this early begining, I try to use one of the powerful features of Attributes for an architectural element- beam, slab, column. So I try to make a connection between the text tat I can enter as text-code, with the variables of the element, such as length, width, thickness, volume. The parameters can be seen in grey, and have ? no possibility to be used in variable text definitions?
- atributes01.png

Also, if I decide to forget about the trouble and use the given atributes just by copy-ing them for each element- witch is dum, because I can no longer use the adaptability of an intelligent label, i get the measurement units written, and the format is spread on 4 lines, something that I also find annoying.

In brief:
Is there a way to define a customized set of attributes for an intelligent label "description"...and also an arrow...just like at the reinforcement....???? please

Dipl. Eng. Octavian Pop

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Use formula !
like this for LxBxH ...
FORMAT("%.2f x %.2f x %.2f"; @198@; @199@; @204@)+ "m"

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