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Hi. Im working in Allplan precast and having some problems with the building structure.
Often when i change heights i loose some of the structure. The drawing files is still in the project but i have to build up the structure again. And assign the drawing files again. This is costing me precious time and is very annoying. Can somebody please tell me why this is happening. Is there something i am doing wrong that cause the problem or is this a glitch in the software?

Ps: i dont know if this is even the right fora to ask but il try anyway=)


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Hi Tor,

This trouble looks very strange. Have you save your building structre somewhere?

In the project, there is folder BIM where are saved the backup of you building structure. If you loose it, it's possible to reload it by using backup file.

But about your error, i have no feedback about this. Is it something reproducible?

Is it only on project or all of your project?

Thank you for your feedback.

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