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[Question] Assign an attribute to architectural component/reinforcement (permanently)

Hello everyone,

I'm curious if there is a way to assign an attribute to an element in that way, that when we create e.g. new reinforcement bar it has already this attribute (e.g. user defined attribute). It is possible of course to assign any attribute to an element later, but sometimes it is time consuming.
One way is to create this element and save it as an assistant or in the library. But are there any .xml or .dat files with information which attributes are assigned to a specific element/function (like catalogs with materials).

Best regards

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The attributes are "included" in each element, not in a separate list.
With Allplan 2019 and later, you have a short list of attributes in the Properties palette, with a button to open the full list...


thank you for your response.
In 2019 we can see attributes in Properties palette - it is very convenient.
So, to be sure - we can't modify Allplan in the way, that when we create any object, we have specified attributes assigned to them by us.

Best regards

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