Its a bug, for the Allplan Dev Team but I do not know how to share this with them.

If you have a laptop with a Intel onboard GPU and a second GPU made by Nvidia. Probably your laptop uses a Nvidia technology called Nvidia Optimus. This technology make possible to change on the fly wich GPU is used by Windows. But this Optimus technology seems to be not a fan of OpenGL applications. So Devs have to make some adjustments to his code to get their apps running properly on a Optimus powered laptop. Unless their do that, user will get some weird messages like this "the graphic card used does not meet the Allplan requirements" and the OpenGL advanced options and better performance will not be available when Optimus is used (when you have a second monitor plugged).

And you can confirm that the Allplan can uses OpenGL with your Nvidia GPU. Simple disconnect the external screen and launch Allplan that you can now have you OpenGL better performance again. After Allplan launches you can connect the seconde screen again.

So please, get Optimus and Allplan working togheter.