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[Question] Span reinforcement question

Good day everbody.

I have a problem with area reinforcement - span reinforcement.
For example Picture 1 represents plate (slab) with one askew side and one plate opening. Reinforcement is made using "span reinforcement" option. You can see that even if "placing parametars" are set to "different" Allplan still combine bars on skewed side of plate.
On picture 2 you can see some huge (-100) "Benching" is added to reinforcement and now Allplan represent bars with their own position.
On picture 3 you can see that even with huge benching bar position number 5 is represent in table. I want to avoid this table without increasing brenching.

So, my question: is there option to disable full shema to be displayed in table using span reinforcement for skewed plates? I don't want Allplan to combine bars.
Every bar needs to have their own position number and shouldn't be represented in "table" with decimal point number. Maybe table works great on some small plates with small number of bars, but for big projects with plate area of few thousand square meters it is not good for representing bars. Even our contractor doesn't want reinforcmeent plan with those tables.

Thank you!
Best regards, Marko

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I had a similar problem with Span Reinforcement assigning the same mark number to unequal bars. I found that I can (almost) fix this problem by assigning each individual bar a new mark number with the New Mark Number tool. Doing this will un-group all bars with the same mark number. Then I run the Rearrange Marks tool to give the same mark number to all bars with similar shape. It's not always perfect, but it gives better results than the Span Reinforcement tool by itself.

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