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[Question] How to get coordinated of the points user click in Allplan environment in your SmartPArts code?


How to get coordinates of 3 points clicked in Allplan environment inside your SmartParts code?
Is this possible?


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If I understood your question, it is not possible to get the Allplan coordinates inside the SmartPart code.
You can only move inside the SmartPart from the insert point but you cannot know what is the coordinates of the insert point in the Allplan drawing.

Hi Bertrand,

so there is no way to have any function in the code, to retrieve the coordinates inside the smartparts code. For instance the user would be prompted to click a point in the Allplan environment and give these coordinates back to the code?


So everything you have are these 3 parameters:
- ref_x, ref_y, ref_z?

Is anyway that you will have the option of catching coordinates in Allplan environment. This is very essential if you want to develop customized smartparts which match you needs!!
Sure there could be a way to achieve this!!

Best regards, Primoz

Sorry, no...
A SmartPart is an independent object. There is no possibility to know where is the SmartPart in the drawing and there is no function to select a point in Allplan.
REF_X, REF_Y and REF_Z are not coordinates but lengths. They are the lengths of the "bounding box".
Everything is explained in the online help.

OK, another question - is there any possibility to draw reinforcement bar of length per meter as in Allplan as well in SmartParts. I cannot see any such option in online help!!


I cannot help you on reinforcement. It's not my area of work...

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