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External Macro, or scripts in Allplan



I am working on Allplan and wondering if there is a way to implement a script written externally.

Let me give you an example.

I am trying to create a list including all information of a selected reinforcement type.

Think about a rebar type with various lengths. Let's say, there is 15 of them with same shape with different lengths. They are assigned to same number.

I want to create a list that have 15 rows for each bars, indicating their lengths etc.

I was not able to manipulate Legend's as the way I want. There is no possible way to use loops inside legends which I need for creating extra lines for that particular reinforcement. In legends, it assigns a variable "a" for all of those bars, and no further information. Furthermore, I could not figure out how to add extra columns. Number of columns always stay the same as we created the legend at first.

I am aware of that there is a "partial scheme" option for creating such list. However, I want to be able to manipulate this list as the way I want. There is no such option for lists created with "partial scheme" command. They come to the file, and is not possible to be changed.

I want to be able to insert this list into a drawing file. Therefore, I believe Reports cannot help me in this matter.

Moreover, This was just an example. I want to be able to create more flexible "Legends" without the default restrictions of Allplan. Using scripts, or macros whatever you call, can help me to create more controlled and customized models.

I thought about using smart parts script editor for this particular case but I could not find a way to do this. I can create a list, but I don't know how to make this list read data from selected objects.

So if anyone have ever tried using external macros in Allplan, I need a little bit advice. I believe, it is possible in Tekla but I am not so sure.

I can write macros in VBA, C, Python, even Lisp and I am willing to learn any other languages to implement my own macros in Allplan.

Thanks in Advance. I looked through online for help but most of the pages were in German and I cannot understand even a little bit even though I took a couple of classes. If anyone can help to me with this matter, I would be grateful.

This post turned out way too longer than I intended. Thanks for your patience and please forgive me for my bad English.

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Hi JFarsen,

I just read your request and it looks really interresting.

If i understood properly, the main point is your display as list/legend/or report.

You want to display specific info on the same list.

In my opinion, it can be possible to output this value as a legend with sublegend maybe or by using a report.

But we will need more information or an example to understand you in detail.

For the other possibility, use a "SmartPart" won't help you about the display as result but maybe help to create the reinforcement more fast.

Please send us an example or more information.


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