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[Question] Export PDF and rt render no working

Good evening,
I have a problem with the ALLPLAN 2018 program, I can not export PDF and do not show my RT render button. I attach two pictures.
How can I solve these problems?
Thank you,

Marius Paval.

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RT render no show.jpg
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Export PDF not working.jpg
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it looks as if you are using the wrong licence. If i remember correctly, OLD Licences created before ~ Oct 2017, had a similar problem.

Your procductkey, starting with "HSLPB-", should be okay.

BUT: if you have still also installed an Old Licence, the effect you described could occur.
Return the old Licence as the new Licence can also be use for older allplan versions ..

Jörg (Velletti), Allplan Webentwicklung

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