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[Question] Allplan meshes weight not updated at all!!!

I have finished plans, then realized that meshes are a bit of wrong weight and I changed the mesh weight for Q424 correctly for ribbed mesh. The point is that Allplan simply ignore my last settings and uses the old weight as follows:
- new mesh weight is ignored completely
- if I create a new drawing file for reinforcement and put one new mesh in it for a test it works correctly
- for old meshes in old file all is ignored
- even if I copy old meshes from old drawing file to a new one, even new mesh takes the old weight

This is a total bug of Allplan and please if you can someone advice me what to do as all plans are finished and I cannot calculate manually all weights of all meshes i want to change weight in the model. This is really too much from Allplan!!!


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I cannot change the weight of already created meshes in no way. How is this possible at all.
Can you advise me work around to solve this issue of Allplan??

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