I'm new to AllPlan 2020 after having used the 2105 version for a while and I have a problem with the symbols I use from the AllPlan symbol library:
I put a symbol into a project and often it's at the wrong elevation. I found out quickly that I can't use the "Move" command to change the elevation so I go to the Properties menu and in the Geometries section I change the number at "Start point Z" to the elevation I want. This moves the symbol to the right elevation, but if I close the fileset, even after saving it, and reopen it, the symbol is back to the wrong elevation. This also happens if I move a symbol horizontally using the "Move" command - the symbol drops back to elevation 0.00.
Is there a way to raise or lower symbols and keep them at that elevation?

Also, I see that there are very few symbols in the default symbols library that came with AllPlan Architecture. Are there more symbols libraries available somewhere? I know that I can import symbols from other programs like SketchUp, but are there libraries made for AllPlan available?

Thanks in advance for your help.