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cinerender problem (or not?)


Helo !
This is my problem : on a test render , I set the quality on low and it works in a resonable amount of time . But on settings like medium or high the render takes forever to finish : an empty room with two textures and a window , for example , on hight , took 45 minutes ! Is something that I did wrong ? By the way , on youtube tutorials, I' ve seen everybody uses the low quality settings . In this case why give us options that we cannot use ?

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Low quality settings allow a quick render but the quality is... low!
If the render spend too much time on your computer, maybe your processor is not powerful enough.
You can see the performance of your CPU here:
Mine is about at 10000 and the time to calculate a picture in HD format (1920x1080) is correct...

Thank you for your reply !
My processor is an i7 and sits at around 8000 .I don't think that this difference is the only reason for this poor behavior . On a more complicate scene , at "best" settings , after one hour, the progress bar was still at the 0%. I mean , OK, I don't have the best processor out there , but my system is pretty decent . I should be able to render an image at "best" settings , in decent amount of time .

You're right! Your processor is not so bad.
So, the issue is somewhere else.
Maybe the best thing now is to contact the support to check what is wrong...


I have the same issue and it really exhausts me from few days I try to solve the rendering to make it fast but there is no option yet. I have i7 processor and the Cinerender works very slow. I'm thinking to give up Allplan arhitecture because I can't finish the 3D projects.
If I'd like to create an animation with rendering it tooks nearly 10 hours to get 45 second movie (presentation like flyover) on low quality and it is important to mark the fact that there were no many high quality textures.

What should I do?

It's not normal...
Please contact your Allplan support to find the issue.

I called the technical support but I got an answer that the engine of the Cinerender works in this way and there is no other option to improve the renderings speed. I am very disappointed.

Unfortunately or fortunately I also bought a Quadro 4000 GPU because I didn't know the CPU works on renderings and not the GPU. By the way even the 3D animation window with this Quadro 4000 doesn't work very smooth even on a not really detailed 3D project. This GPU is recomanded by Allplan as a High-End one.

I really don't know what is wrong the system (I7 4790, Quadro 4000, 8Gb RAM, SSD 850 EVO, Zalman 600 power supply, Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit) or the Allplan 2015-1-11.

I belive this system is strong enough to make some renderings and smaller animations in decent time.

Does anyone know any option?

Unfortunately I think that this is the best Allplan and Cinerender can do at the moment. I also called tech support and got a similar answer. One thing is certain : this feature of Allplan is almost useless and it doesn't resemble with the movies on YouTube. Since my last post I upgraded to 2016 version : still not thoroughly tested and full of small bugs that make your life hell , but the render process is a little bit faster : now with render settings on medium a picture takes about 45 minutes( the same picture with Cinema 4D takes 5 or 10 minutes......)

Amazing ... I do not have such long time. It must also be issues with the hardware, even if it seems conform to the recommendations.

Then you are one of the lucky ones ... On the other hand, my colleague from the workplace, has the same problem ( same specs as me for the workstation but different manufacturer ). Even if the issue is with the workstation, is not my responsibility, as user, to solve this .
Is Allplan team's job to solve any incompatibility with different workstations.
Based on the answers that we've got, is clear that they're not willing to investigate this problem.

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