I have nVidia Quadro FX 1700 graphics card with the newest nVidia driver and Windows XP Pro operating system in my desktop. XP can use only Microsoft DirectX 9 (I have 9.3) when rendering a perspective in Animation windows. In Allplan versions 2011 and 2012 the model is cut about 1 meter in front of the eypoint, which means, that all planes near the wievpoint will cut in front of my eyes. It is not possible to do any perspektive or animation near walls and furniture. Only outside perspektives are OK when all objects are far enough. Is the reason DirectX 9?

In version 2009 everything works fine, but it uses OpenGL, if I have understud right. The cutting distance is only few centimeters and animation films will be OK. Walking through doors and near walls and furniture does not distroy the picture as in V2011 and 2012.

Is Direct X 10 better and does it work better? Anyway it needs newer operating system. Must I buy a new computer with Windows 7? I know that V2012 will be the last Apllan working in XP. I think that 3D rendering works very fast in my XP using V2009, rendering needs not be faster - some other things should.