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Cannot delete BIMPLUS project


Hello, I have some projects in BIMPLUS and in Allplan Share that cannot be deleted. I am administrator of these projects.

I get the messages you see in the images below.
¿How can I delete them?
Thank you

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You are logged in allplan with the same Account as in Connect?
Then i can check from server Side if i can help

The Cloud ICON with the stripes below means: "Project is in use."

Maybe this is the reason: someone is working on this projekt but fort to checkout his work. so it is blocked ..
please check "Administrar Informacion de blockequeo" (Contect Menu in your first windows.

Ihre Signatur (=dieser Text) kann im persönlichen Profil festgelegt werden.

Supportfragen zu Allplan bitte nur über das Forum stellen und bitte mir nicht als "Persönliche / Private" Nachricht senden.


Hi velletti, yes I'm logged with the same account both in Allplan Share and Connect.
I opened "Administar información de bloqueo" and the result is in the image below. I press "Actualizar" but nothing happens. The same for the rest of blocked projects.

The projects I want to delete are obsolte and I know nobody is working on them. They were part of a practice in a training course.

Can you delete the projects from the server if I tell you which ones?

Thank you!


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