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[Question] Bimplus dwg import and any new features


Bimplus is very impressive platform and has a lot of functionalities. But what I can't find there is .dwg import - quite big drawback. Could you tell me if it will be possible in the future? I'm also curious about any other improvements and development plans of Bimplus.

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so far DWG can be imported only as document. Bimplus is importing 3D model files IFC, SKP which in our opinion are open collaboration formats - platform neutral. It is not in our roadmap to extend these formats in near future. We provide however open collaboration platform where you can export models to IFC and use in editor/viewer of your choice. In addition Bimplus free revit plugin also supports upload of DWG files (as documents/attachments only) and import of Revit model directly to Bimplus.

Here you can follow our latest development news:

Our roadmap is not yet public (we think about it), I can only tell that new features will greatly enhance existing BIM workflows. All important information will be communicated via Bimplus notifications and Bimplus dashboard.

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Thank you for your response. I've mentioned about DWG import, because sometimes it could be useful to overlap DWG and 3D model.

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