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Install allplan

Can you help me about install Allplan!
I didn't find Key of App
I want to setting Allplan 2018

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as you have requested a Student Licence, yuo can check this on allplan Campus: you should see this message:

Data submitted at 30.11.2018 - 05:17. Verification in progress.
Actually we have 83 other users waiting for verification. Please have patience. It may take up to 3 working days.

When the check of the uploaded Proof is done, you will get an email with the product key AND you can also see the product key on the startpage of Allplan Campus ( https// ) after login.


PS: i deleted the missleading answer from Florian, as that answer can only help a customer, who had bought a license and lost the License Email ..

Jörg (Velletti), Allplan Webentwicklung

Man kann mich Siezen oder Duzen. Wie derjenige mag. Und bitte beachten: Supportfragen zu Allplan bitte nur über das Forum stellen und bitte mir nicht als "Persönliche / Private" Nachricht senden. Die kann ich nämlich nicht weiterleiten.

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