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[Question] How to change a freeform bar length with arc segments

I have a trouble placing a freeform bar with one arc segment and one hook. It doesn't snap well, so I try to change its length by stretching its entities, however I don't get the result I want because its path is an arc. Is there another way to change the bar length except for stretch entities? Or, if there isn't any, what is the right way to place the above mentioned bar in the right place and with the wanted length?
Thank you in advance for your help!!

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Hi filothei,

When selecting freeform reinforcement from the Bar shape list there are input options available. On that toolbar, you will find an icon Match edges, that will help you align the reinforcement along circular elements (walls,..). Match edges is available only after you clear Expand to adapt to edges check box.

Such reinforcement is not actually arc but polygon. You can extend last (or first) segment through Pallete commands. You can modify this reinforcement in full schema with Stretch tool.

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