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Export converts all rebar bendings to angular

When you export layouts with Allplan Exchange all the rebar bendings are converted to angular.
When you export a layout with the "Export PDF Data" tool the bendings are exported correctly.

rebar_bending_exchange_export_01 - original in Allplan
rebar_bending_exchange_export_02 - exported with "Export PDF Data" tool
rebar_bending_exchange_export_02 - exported with Allplan Exchange

(cleanreg, cleanstd, cleanup does not help)

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The rebar display issue is not limited to Allplan Exchange anymore:

I have the same problem when printing drawings with a factor of 75% in the print layout module

I've just made a simple test with simple models using the last 2021-0-6.

I'm not able to reproduce all 3 cases mentioned above (Export via Exchange + changing Reference Scale UVS + printing the DF with a factor = 75%). Try to update your Allplan with the lastest hotfix. In case of problem, I suggest to share your project (to your technical support) in order to anlyse it.

P.S.: in the past, I solved a similar problem re-opnening the DF. I mean, open an empty DF, and than re-open that one with the problem.

Quote by Massimo
Try to update your Allplan with the latest hotfix.

The issue is still there in the latest release.

Even the simplest modification changes the rebar representation:

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In this post are described 3 different workflows:

1) Export PDF via Exchange
2) Reference scale (property Palette UVS)
3) Printing the DF with a factor = 75%

Identify wich one (I suppose the first one) and share your data/project to your technical support in order to anlyse it.

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