Examples for the scoring system for the prediction game

1. There is a winner

Your prediction is e.g. Poland : Germany 3:1

  • If Poland loses or there is a draw, you do not get any points.
  • If Poland wins 1:0, for example, you get one point because the outcome was correct.
  • If Poland wins 2:0, 4:2, 5:3, etc., you get 2 points, because you predicted the correct outcome and the correct goal difference.
  • If Poland wins 3:1, exactly as you predicted, you get 3 points for the correct score.

2. There is a draw

Your prediction is e.g. Russia : Czech Republic 1:1

  • If one team wins, you do not get any points.
  • If the match ends 0:0, 3:3, etc., you get 2 points.
  • If the final score is 1:1, you get 3 points.

3. Penalty shoot-outs

Your prediction is e.g. France : Italy 2:1

  • After 120 minutes the teams are still drawn, which means, that you do not get any points, because the score that counts is the score as it stands after 120 minutes.
  • The points are awarded in the same way as in example 1.
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