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How can I fix bugs in Microsoft .Net Framework components?


Repairing .Net Framework up to and including version 4.6

Open the support site of the Microsoft company:
Microsoft provides a repair tool for fixing .NET Framework up to and including version 4.6.

You can find this tool at
Download the ‘NetFxRepairTool.exe’ file and save it to any folder on the hard disk of your computer.
Run the repair tool by right-clicking the ‘NetFxRepairTool.exe’ file and selecting ‘Run as administrator’ on the shortcut menu. This allows you to bypass Windows User Account Control.
Click ‘Yes’ at the following prompts.

Follow the instructions of the repair tool.

Repairing Net.Framework 4.7

Use the Net.Framework 4.7. Setup program to repair NetFramework 4.7.

You can download the Setup program for Net Framework 4.7 Setup from

Go to the ‘Download information’ section and click ‘Download the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7 Developer Pack now’.

You can see another dialog box in which you can select the installation package you want to download.

You can choose between NDP47-DevPack-KB3186612-ENU.exe (all language packages) and NDP47-DevPack-KB3186612-DEU.exe (German language package).

Select a package and download it. Then copy the Net Framework Setup program downloaded into a new folder you created on the hard disk (for example, C:\NetFrameworkSetup).

Start Windows Command Prompt.
Click in the Windows search box and type in ‘cmd’. The search result is ‘Command Prompt’.
Right-click ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as administrator’ on the shortcut menu.

Under Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can also start Command Prompt as the administrator by right-clicking the Microsoft logo on the Windows task bar.
You can then select ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’.

Depending on the Setup package downloaded
and the folder with the Setup package (for example, C:\NetFrameworkSetup),
enter the following command: C:\NetFrameworkSetup\NDP47-DevPack-KB3186612-DEU.exe /repair /norestart or
C:\NetFrameworkSetup\NDP47-DevPack-KB3186612-ENU.exe /repair /norestart.

You can see a dialog box with the installation options of Microsoft .Net Framework Setup. Click the ‘Repair’ button.

This repairs the Net Framework 4.7 components.

You can define some optional parameters when installing or repairing .NET Framework 4.7:

If this does not repair Microsoft.NetFramework on your computer, you can try the .Net Framework cleanup tool on Microsoft’s support site.

You can download the .Net Framework cleanup tool from

After running the .Net Framework cleanup tool, you must re-install the .Net Framework components removed by the cleanup tool.

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