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Version:  Allplan 2023 |   Last modified: 10.01.2023 08:32
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How can the complete setup be downloaded from version Allplan 2023?


As of version 2023, Allplan is installed via Minimal Installer, which downloads only those components that are actually required for the installation case.
If, for example, the complete installation package with all optional components is required for rolling out the setup, it can be downloaded via layout mode.

To do this, run the setup with the command line parameter "layout" and the desired download path.
To do this, download the installation package from Allplan Connect as usual. 
Create a folder locally, e.g. C:\AllplanSetup. Unpack the installation package and copy the Allplan_2023_x_x_Installer.exe into this folder.
Then start the command prompt or Windows PowerShell in the path of the already downloaded installation exe. (e.g.: Allplan_2023_0_0_Installer.exe).
Run the installation with the parameter.
The syntax is as follows:
[PathSetupExe] -layout [PathDownload].


C:\AllplanSetup\Allplan_2023_0_0_Installer.exe -layout C:\AllplanSetup\.

After starting the setup using this parameter, the installation progress window appears as usual. However, no installation is performed.
The successful download is confirmed accordingly in the dialog after completion.

The setup can now be executed by double-clicking the already existing installation.exe (e.g.: Allplan_2023_0_0_Installer.exe). uses cookies  -  More information