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Although the server is not connected with the Internet, I would like to activate the license with the Product Key for the license server. What can I do?


The easiest way to activate and return Allplan licenses is to do this online. In other words, the server has Internet access. However, you can also activate your license on a computer without Internet access (offline licensing).

Requirements for activating a license offline:

  • You have a valid Product Key.
  • The license server is installed on the server. At least license server 2016-1-5 is installed.
    You can find detailed information on the version (Build-ID) at bottom on the left in the License Settings program.
  • You have another computer with Internet access.

Important: Activating a license offline involves two steps. In addition, you need to upload a receipt file so that you can return the license offline later.

There are the following basic steps:

  • Creating and uploading the license request file
  • Downloading and importing the license update file
  • Creating and uploading the receipt file

If you have several license server licenses, you need to do this for each license.

The online computer uses the following web page:


As both the license file and the receipt file are saved with the name of the container number by default, it may happen that you mix up these two files. Thus, we strongly recommend that you use meaningful names for the files. For example, include the word “license” in the name of the license file and “receipt” in the name of the receipt file.
This is particularly important if you want to activate several licenses offline.


Activating licenses offline

To activate licenses, use CodeMeter Control Center.
Start CodeMeter Control Center.
To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. An an alternative, go to the Windows search box and type Codemeter.

Select the empty Allplan CM6container (long number starting with 130; gray symbol).
If the container is not available, save the file attached to the C:\Program Files\Allplan GmbH\License Settings folder. Then open this file using the shortcut menu. This imports the empty container to CodeMeter Control Center.

Select the new, empty Allplan CM6 container and click Activate licenseon the right. Select Create license request. Create a *.WibuCmRaC file for this container.

Take this file to a computer that is online. Go to the following web page:

Enter your Product Keyin the “Ticket” line and click Next. You can now see your license. Click Activate license.

Next, select the Fimcode 6000100area on the right.

You can see your license with all available updates. Make sure everything is selected. Click Offline License Transferat the bottom on the right.

You can now upload the *.WibuCmRaC file (Browse....) by clicking Upload license request now. This creates your license, which you can download by clicking Download license update file now. Install this license on your server.

To do this, open CodeMeter Control Centerand click File -> Importlicense.

The activated license is now visible in the License settingsand can be used for the Allplan clients.

Finally, upload the receipt file.
To do this, open CodeMeter Control Centeragain and select the new Allplan CM6 container (with the number 130-XXXXXXX).

Then click License update -> Next -> Create receipt.
Create the receipt file for this container.
Upload this receipt file using the web page.

Take this file to the computer that is online. Click Nexton the web page.
If you have already closed the web page, use the link given above and enter your Product Key once again. Then select Continue with license transfer.
Select the receipt file and click Upload receipt now.
Click OKto confirm. This completes license activation.

After you have activated the license on the server, proceed as described in “Installing and configuring the license server”. You can find this guide here:

Returning licenses offline
You can return licenses in the same way:

  • Creating and uploading the license request file
  • Downloading and importing the license update file
  • Creating and uploading the receipt file

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