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Version:  Allplan 2019  | Last modified: 04.03.2019


How can I activate my licenses for Allplan Online products and assign these licenses to other people?


1. Components required

Internet connection and internet browser

2. Purchasing licenses

You can purchase Allplan Online products in two ways.

2.1 Allplan Shop (

Allplan Options, Bimplus Options
a. Specify how many licenses you want to buy and add the Allplan Online product to the cart.
b. Follow the instructions displayed and buy the Allplan Online product.
After you have bought the Allplan Online product, the licenses will be assigned to your Bimplus team. You can manage these licenses using “My Account” - “Subscriptions and Users”.

2.2 Contact the Allplan sales partner in your area.

3. Assigning licenses

You can manage your licenses for the Allplan Online product in the Allplan Shop. Go to the “Subscriptions and User” area. As an alternative, you can also use the Bimplus portal. Here, go to the “Team members” area.

3.1 Sign in to the Allplan Shop or the Bimplus portal.

• Allplan Shop: Select “My Account” - “Subscriptions and Users”.
• Bimplus portal: Select “Team members”.

3.2 Select the Allplan Online product.

3.3 You can now assign one or more Allplan Online product licenses to team members. Select the user in the list and assign the license by selecting the check box. You can remove the license at any time by clearing the check box.
If the list does not include the user to whom you want to assign an Allplan Online product license, click “Invite new Bimplus team member”, enter the email address of the new team member and select a role.

Important: Do not assign the role of team administrator to a new team member unless this is absolutely necessary. A team administrator has more rights than a project administrator. You can define project administrators in the Bimplus project and user management.

You can find the new team member in the list as soon as this new team member has accepted the invitation.

4. Managing users and assigning users to the project

Allplan Online products are cloud-based solutions. Therefore, the Bimplus user management is used for project collaboration.
To define the project members, use the Bimplus project administration. You must invite new project members to the Bimplus project.
If these Bimplus project members also want to use Allplan Online products, you must assign an Allplan Online product license to each project member (see “Assigning licenses”).

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