Allplan Connect help text

Save your online data from Allplan Exchange.

Would you like a locally Data Backup of the current plan files from Allplan Exchange online?

Check if you have the right project access rights "manage" or "distributed".

Now you can do 2 things to ensure your data:

A) On the one hand you can create a plandistributionlist as a PDF or EXEL File, so that you have an overview of the progress of the plan shipment for this project.

B) And you can download online with a few clicks, the current plan data itself.

Please login in both cases in Allplan Exchange at:

A) Create plandistribution list:

1) Select  Project
2) Select the section "All documents"
3) Make your selection of Options 
4) create File as PDF or EXCEL

B) Save current plan files: 

1) Select Project
2) Select the section "All documents"
3) set the hook in the table header, so everything is highlighted
4) Save the Plan files als ZIP uses cookies  -  More information