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[Question] How to draw some bars in Allplan which are not going into report?


Hi there,
Sometimes you want to have some bars on a drawing, but you do not want to put them into report! How to do this?
It means that they are somehow presented on a drawing but when they build a house, they get it from another source and do not order it as other reinforcement. But they need to be drawn that they do not forget to put them and that plans are correct!!!

Thanks for suggestion,
Best Regards, Primoz

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Draw them by line, or use another drawing file for them.


there are 2 options here which deserves special measures as follows:
1) Drawing reinforcement bars for the bars in other drawing files which you do not want to put in schedule is really time consuming and not so good task, as the reinforcement is already drawn.
2) Using already drawn reinforcement in another drawing file will put it into schedule. I do not know how to avoid it?

For instance, we have reinforcement in walls which is already drawn and presented on another plan, then we have reinforcement in slab which is presented in another plan, but we have the cross section in the slab, where we would like to present also reinforcement of the wall, but not put it into schedule on the plan of the slab as it is already put in schedules on the plan of walls. On the old 2D way you would write in the cross section what sizes of reinforcement in wall are in this cross section, but here I do not know how to solve this issue. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE REINFORCEMENT OF THE WALL DRAWN AND ANNOTATED, BUT WITHOUT BAR OR MESH NUMBER, JUST TO LET THE BUILDERS KNOW IT IS THERE!

Bottom line:
We would like to have reinforcement on particular plan presented that way, that it would be obvious it is there, but it would not be in the schedule on that particular plan. The reinforcement should be also drawn on a different way so that it would be a difference from scheduled reinforcement on this plan!

Is there any smart way you can solve it in Allplan?

Best Regards, Primoz

Hi There,

The need to draw reinforcement bars without specific number and so that they are not going into schedule is real need of the industry. The point is that all the bars cannot be presented on each plan, what is the case in more complex plans where you have a lot of walls and each of them or a few of them are on one plan. But on the same time you want in cross sections to show that there are as well reinforcement of the slab, which is drawn on another plan...
I do not know how to solve this issue?

Best Regards, Primoz

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