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[Question] Allplan 2020 Demo missing FF Elements and Pythonparts???

Hi There,
I am checking Allplan 2020 demo and I cannot see any FF elements( various tools for reinforcing slab edges, beams on a smart way, etc...) Also Python parts are missing here, just a few basic things.
Is this intentional put out or what?
As this is the only thing which is interesting for users of Allplan, can you provide any video or document that we can see what was done here from version 2017 for instance?
The purpose of demo is to show what has been done on these 2 topics, otherwise why would anyone try demo just for basic things, while important advancements are missing??

Best Regards, Primoz

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You can see here the comparison beetween the versions 2016 to 2020.
FF have been replaced between Allplan 2018 and now.
Maybe, this video could help you...

As this is the only thing which is interesting for users of Allplan
Allplan can be used by "non-engineers". Architecture packs are also very widespread, especially in Latin countries where architect and engineer are two different professions.

in this comparison is not clear as in newer versions things should be improved, but not that old things just simply thrown away. I cannot figure out, what happened with FF elements, as this icon just does not exist in demo of Allplan 2020 any more! Or maybe I am wrong?
What I want to know are the following questions:
1) Are FF elements completely removed in original version or they are simply not available in demo version?
2) Are there more Pythonparts in original version as in demo version are just few of them( Does it exist any documentation or video about Pythonparts used in 2020, so that we get the replacement for FF element)?
3) What happened with associated views in 2020? Is still option to use the old associated view in 2020? Or you have to use new views?
4) When importing reinforcement settings from a file from 2017( Default settings) I cannot draw and label reinforcement the same way as nothing remembered at all!!! This is unacceptable that settings from before are completely ignored!! That way I am at the beginning as I need to establish the way reinforcement is labeled from scratch???

Best Regards, Primoz

Unfortunately, FF no longer exist
now there are the PythonParts

Ciao Giorgio | APP-Easy Architecture for Allplan

Sorry to hear that as it is far less effective as in 2017!!!

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