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[Otázka] Saving surfaces of elements?


Is there any possibility in Allplan to save the surfaces of all elements in the model so that you can later retrieve them back.
For instance when you want to make all element's surfaces transparent to see reinforcement bars in 3D, you have to make all elements transparent, but when you stop with reinforcement you would like to have color of the surfaces back!

This is very important option as you cannot then manually set surfaces for all walls for instance in the model. You need this option each time you want to make model transparent to see reinforcement bars!!

Thanks for any suggestions how to solve this problem!


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You can save all the surface assigments in one file. See online help here.

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From Allplan 2020, you can directly apply a transparency value to all objects or only to what has been selected in the Objects palette.

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The question was - can you save completely all model with all surfaces defined, so that you can later retrieve it back!
When you want to see reinforcement bars you need to make all elements transparent to see them - but later you want the original surfaces back without transparency.
Is there any viable solution in Allplan for that?

If you apply a surface by a color, you can do it like I explained in my first answer. Try it and you will see.

Something went wrong here as surfaces are not restored:

Your elements must have a surface by the color, not applied on the element.
When you apply a new color on the elements, they lost the previous parameters and there is no possibility to store them somewhere.
But, if you use the surface according to the color, you can store the settings and you can switch between "surface by color" and "surface assignment" to the elements.
If you do that, when you applied the transparent surface, you can applied "no" and come back to the previous surfaces.
See the 3 steps in the attached pictures:
1 - You assign surfaces according to the color of the element.
2 - You change to transparency.
3 - You remove the assignment and get back the surfaces by color.

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This works not with color by layer, is that right?

Gruß Jürgen

It works with color by layer too.
There are two cases:
A - With an element with color by layer, you can assign a surface like in my step 2 and later you can do the step 3 to get the initial surface.
B - With an element with its own color, you can assign it to color by layer and it gets the surface assigned to the color of the layer, and later you can remove the color by layer to get back the initial color and surface.

Wwe have layers with the same color, what can I do?
(The elements have different materials)

Gruß Jürgen

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