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Dear Customer,

we are pleased to inform you that Bimplus Professional is available to you as part of your Allplan Serviceplus contract and additionally Allplan Share for our Allplan AEC customers. These packages, depending on your Allplan packages and versions, extend the functionality of your BIM software solution with a powerful model-based platform that centrally consolidates all types of project data to support BIM and data management processes, and additionally with Allplan Share for cloud-based project collaboration.  

To activate the license of Bimplus Professional and Allplan Share, you need to assign them to a company's own Bimplus team. Please log in to Allplan Connect.

To the Allplan Share videos

If you do not yet have an Allplan Connect Login (or Allplan Bimplus Login), you must first register and create a Bimplus team.

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 Обратите внимание, что доступ к данным для Allplan Connect, Allplan Campus и Allplan Bimplus идентичны. Если Вы уже зарегистрированы хотя бы в одном из данных сервисов, Вам не нужно повторно создавать новую учетную запись Allplan. Вы можете использовать существующую учетную запись так же для доступа к Allplan Bimplus. uses cookies  -  More information