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[Domanda] Polyline to Rebar

Hi everyone,

I made a few custom classes to represent different types of reinforcement bars in python. Each instance of these classes computes the points (list of tuples) of the polyline that defines the bar's random shape and placement in space (3D). Then, for each bar I create the corresponding polyline as:

poyline = AllplanGeo.Polyline3D()
for point in points:
polyline += AllplanGeo.Point3D(*point)

All the bars are placed inside concrete solid elements with a random shape.

I found ways to create column-like reinforcement, meshes, etc. But I'm struggling with the API documentation to find a way to do the following:

1) "Transform" those polylines (random shape) into rebars giving them a set of properties: name, section diameter, bending diameter and steel grade. The concrete cover is already taken into account within my custom objects, so I don't need it.

2) Copy each bar in patterns (linear or polar).

I would appreciate if anyone could provide a piece of code to do it.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi daalgi,

did you have a look at the reinforcement examples in the ...\etc\PythonPartsScripts\ReinforcementExamples directory?

Here you can see how to create bar shapes and placements. In general you don't need to create the bar shape polyline by your own, you can use the ReinforcementShapeBuilder who does this for you.

In the PythonParts framework also exist some helper classes to create stirrups, ..., see ...\etc\PythonPartsScripts\StdReinfShapeBuilder

Best regards

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