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[Pregunta] Create Partial Schema using Pythonparts

Hello guys,

I'm trying to create Partial Schema using Pythonparts.

Till now, I can use property of reinforcement label like ShowBendingShape, but I don't know how to show its dimension lines. I wonder is it possible to create a partial schema using pythonparts because i can't find anything about it.

For more information, this picture below show my target.

Thanks for your time, any suggestions are welcome!
Best regards!

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Hi, I couldn't find a precise example of creating a schema like this using Python but I feel it might be possible. In the PythonParts example projects is one under ReinforcementExamples called which might help.

Maybe it will be still helpfull for other users - for any bar you can use getter "GetBendingShape(...)"-it return Shape polyline. With this polyline it should be quite easy to write your own function which is drawing partial/full schema.

best regards,

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