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Terrain Points - Export to excel file?


Is there a way to export selected terrain points and their x and y values to something like excel? Or export them in any way at all? I know you can export some kind of report for other things in the terrain module, but wondering if there is an easy way to get a list of my terrain points along with their respected label, x value and y value (and height if possible).



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I have found an easy way to do this, thought I would post back to let anyone else know if they are looking to do this. For my case I needed to get some drainage schedules done.

You need to first make sure the terrain points have the correct "Pr Pnt" as well as the correct "Pnt No". In my case I have a Pr Pnt as 1 for surface water manholes and a Pr Pnt 2 for foul. Then simply set Pnt no to 1 and in numerical order click on the manholes.

Then click the Import Export point file and save the file, then open it in excel. With some simple formula I was able to make it automatically generate a list of co-ordinates.

I'm now trying to create smart parts that will automatically place terrain points and label them correctly, but I cant generate a report and export the points if they are within a smart symbol.

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