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[Pregunta] Updating ifc model imported to Allplan project

Is there any option to update already imported .ifc model? For example: I have imported .ifc model and now I have some views and sections using objects from that model but some things in the outside model changed and now I would like to update also my imported model. If I delete the existing model and import new one views/sections will also disappear.
Is there any solution to this problem?

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Did you get your answer? I think there is few possibility but it depend what you want to do.

If you think about 2D draft, we have the same issue. You have the possibility to import a drawing file in your project and if you get a new version of your external data, than if you import it again, this will overwrite the existing file for example.

At this time till now we also have the possibility to work with Xref or OLE object. So if the reference change, the result change without loosing additionnal work.

In my opinion, if you import an IFC model you have few similar way to work.

1° Import your model but make a copy where you will work.
So you will have your based model receive by the external company and you have your own model.
If you import again a new version of your model, than use the based model. This will not update your current model but you can use both to make comparaison. There is some special tool in allplan/Planbar to compare drawing file.

2° You could work with BIMplus platefore to store your project. this project will be link to your local project.
I'm not a big user of Bimplus but i think you can import other model or make update of the model and this model will update your project in Allplan. Because there is BCF technologie and many other. I think that some other user can confirm that.

3° you can load a second model and add it to each view and section again and delete your first model but this is an heavy and long work.

4° You can work on a Ifc model imported and use Xref/to place them on other drawing file and than create your view.

Bye and good use!

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