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We need to get possibility to compare models from different people (mainly model from architect vs. model from structural engineer). Often models are from different softwares, so it should prepared for IFC in general. This is really highly important requirement of all companies and also from investors and we see huge benefit in it, when we will be ready to check both models and make construction without any mistakes. We imagine some ,,cloud" for example, where we place both models, each model gets its unique color (for example architect red one, structural engineer blue one) a everywhere is model in same geometry (position), we can see some chosen third color (for example black). In that situation everytime we see red or blue color in models it means difference between model in some part.. We think that ,,colision finder" which is used now in many programs is useless, because each model has it's small differences and it means big amount of collision what is useless for everybody...

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I would like to understand your requirement better. In my opinion solution is already available in Bimplus. If you use our apps like object navigator, revision compare and clash detection with custom filter, you can very effectively compare models.

Object navigator - colorize your model
Revision compare - compare revisions of models (what was updated/deleted and which attributes were changed)
Clash detection with custom filter - You can simply and precisely select topology, tollerance and specific objects to clash. So that you do not have thousands of clashes, but really limited number.

you can very effectively compare models.

Yes, comparing my old and new models usually works well. You might want to improve by highlighting the board penetration adjustment. However, this is not a comparison of my models, but a comparison of, for example, IFC Revit and IFC Allplan. Because as a structural office, we are always creating a model of the house again, and there is great interest from both us and the investor to be able to compare these models and thus eliminate errors. If a procedure already exists for this comparison, could you please guide me?

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