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Import to Allplan from Revit

I am trying export a model from Revit to Allplan. When I export an ifc from revit and import it in Allplan some elements can not be identified and come in Allplan as "user defined element And I can not edit these slabs,walls when they are defined as "user defined element". Allplan 2021 told to be has Revit import(.rvt). But unfortunately when I tried trial version the same issue takes place again. Are there any settings or options in revit export or allplan import phases to solve this problem ?

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the Creation of User Defined Elements during Import is triggered by a few Reasons:

a) The Geomtery is BREP or Tessellation - in first Case, we sometimes can calculate the necessary Extrusion for Creating a native Allplan Element, in case Tessellation normally not. Tessellation is often created hen Using the IFC4 Reference View.
b) Some Components inside Elements cannot be natively Created - happens normally, when an Opeining is Imported, which has no native Counterpart in Allplan
c) Geometric Shapes which are not possible as native Elements in Allplan.

When you create an IFC out of Revit, best is currently 2x3 Coordination View. With the IFC4 Reference View we have Issue a), the IFC4 Design Transfer View is still not fully specified by buildingSMART yet. Or create an IFC4 out of Revit with no MVD (e.g. Allplan creates IFC4 in the Scope of the Coordination View 2x3 currently).

Now to the RVT Files: We have access to the stored Geometry in RVT. It means, that we mainly extract BREPs out of the RVT and therefore run into case a). Revit itself processes its Data before Creating an IFC, so the Quality via IFC is currently higher than via RVT. RVT Import is labeled as "Technical Preview", it is still under Development.


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